Agatha Christie fans furious over multiple f-bombs dropped during The Pale Horse

Agatha Christie long-time fans were uncomfortable with the f-bombs dropped in The Pale Horse.

BBC faced a stern backlash from the Official Agatha Christie Appreciation Society and social media for their choice to sprinkle the script with swearwords.

The Pale Horse was a two-part adaptation of Christie's 1961 book which tells the story of three witches who are suspected of murder.

Sunday's opening sequence saw Mark Easterbrook (Rufus Sewell) lash out a stranger and telling him to "f*** off".

Other sweary rants used in the finale included: "use a f***ing ashtray you b****", "you lied about hitting a f***ing cat", "I will pop your eyes out of your f***ing head" and "f***ing donkeys".

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Controversy surrounded the BBC's decision to modernise the language because Agatha never put swear words into the mouths of her characters in her murder mystery cannon.

Official Agatha Christie Appreciation Society member Carol Daru slammed the broadcaster for peppering the two-parter with "offensive" language which she deemed unnecessary.

She told The Daily Star: "It's offensive and there is no need for it. I am very disappointed with the BBC."

Social media users seemed to be in agreement as some even noted the swearing had forced them to turn off the show.

"Tried, but gave up on BBC's woke "adaptation" of Agatha Christie's Pale Horse, rewrite the plot, drop key characters, add swearing……no thanks," one fan wrote, leading the troops.

Another added: "Superb update to The Pale Horse by @PhelpsieSarah:-) That said, she made Rufus Sewell do a swear…"

But Agatha's great-grandson James Prichard – who was an executive producer of the show – spoke in writer Sarah Phelps defence.

He said according to the newspaper: "I love the way she brings these books to life on screen."

The Mirror has approached the BBC for further comment.

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