J. K. Rowling Seeks to Reward Civil Servant With a Year’s Salary for Calling Out Boris Johnson

The ‘Harry Potter’ author has also personally attacked the U.K. Prime Minister for standing by Dominic Cummings who has defied the government’s own advice to stay at home amid the COVID-19 crisis.

AceShowbiz -J. K. Rowling has offered to cover a U.K. Civil Service employee’s salary for a year after he or she attacked the government for backing Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s chief advisor for making a trip across the country to visit his parents.

While most of the nation is on lockdown, Dominic Cummings drove from London to Durham and back, ignoring the government’s own advice to stay at home.

Johnson has since defended his sidekick, insisting Cummings had to organize urgent childcare as his wife battled COVID-19.

A colleague jumped on the backlash against the civil servant, posting a now-deleted tweet, which read, “Arrogant and offensive. Can you imagine having to work with these truth twisters?”

Confirming the note had been taken down, a Cabinet Office member tweeted, “An unauthorised tweet was posted on a government channel this evening. The post has been removed and we are investigating the matter.”

The “Harry Potter” author, who previously slammed Cummings’ “indefensible hypocrisy,” is now keen to track down the tweeter, so she can reward him or her for taking a stand.

In her own tweet to the Civil Service, Rowling writes, “When you find out who it was, let us know. I want to give them a year’s salary.”

J. K. Rowling searched for the civil servant attacking U.K. government’s arrogance.

She also attacked the Prime Minister directly for standing by his man, “Single parents have been on lockdown for weeks. Nurses have isolated from their own families to protect them. I can’t remember a clearer demonstration of contempt for the people from a sitting Prime Minister. Johnson might as well have shambled into shot, given us all the finger and walked off again.”

J. K. Rowling called out Boris Johnson for backing Dominic Cummings

“Many have had to look after their own young children while ill. One of the architects of the rules keeping those people housebound drove across the UK, knowing he had the virus. Indefensible hypocrisy and selfishness.”

J. K. Rowling continued expressing her anger at the government’s hypocrisy

Meanwhile, fans of Welsh band Super Furry Animals have launched a campaign to get the group’s 1996 track “The Man Don’t Give a F**k” back in the charts as a protest against Cummings’ actions.

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