Rita Ora heartbroken as her ‘glamorous’ Nan dies and says ‘I’m going to miss you everyday’ – The Sun

RITA Ora is heartbroken as she reveals her nan Besa has died.

The singer praised her Nani as "the most glamorous chic hard working independent person I ever met" in a heartfelt tribute.

Taking to Instagram to share pictures, she wrote: "Dear Nani, you were the most glamorous chic hard working independent person I ever met, every day she would go for walks all dressed up looking amazing, go and get her coffee with no help from anyone she didn’t want it!

"She was so caring so strong and sooooo funny!

"My god did we laugh and when she would tell the truth she had no filter!

"But she loved and cared with all her heart. I’m going to miss you everyday.

"Rest in peace next to gjushi and I know you will be protecting us and guiding us. Try not to party to much up there in heaven I’ll get fomo! I love you nan. Xx"

Rita's mum Vera also shared a tribute on Instagram, where she shared a video of a huge bouquet of flowers.

"In remembrance of my mum #celebrating life #prayer #restinpeace," she wrote.

Rita was born in Pristina, Kosovo to Albanian parents.

Her mother's dad, Osman Bajraktari, was the Albanian consul to Russia (then part of the Soviet Union).

While her grandfather was a diplomat in Russia, Rita's mum Vera studied medicine at Moscow Medical Academy. She later specialised in psychiatry and has been working on the frontline in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Back in April Rita revealed she was terrified about her mother returning to the NHS frontline to support A&E doctors.

The singer confessed she was "selfishly" worried about her "heroic" psychiatrist mum Vera Sahatçiu going back to hospitals to help patients battling coronavirus.

The 29-year-old and Vera discussed her return with This Morning's Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford via video link.

Rita – who has signed up to be a volunteer for the NHS – was asked if she's nervous about Vera, 56, returning to the frontline.

The singer replied: "Selfishly, yes of course, but again I think my mum thrives off doing her duty and I don’t want to speak for her, but I think what made me want to volunteer.

"Even if it’s something like delivering food to someone’s home or picking up medicine, whatever it is, I felt, ‘Oh gosh. This is so real that I felt like, what could I possibly do?’"

Rita added: “Obviously I don’t have a medical degree but I just think it’s really, truly heroic, not just from my mum’s perspective but just seeing all the doctors in general, really frontline and really putting themselves forward.

"It just goes to show we as a humanity can still come together and be unified, it’s truly, truly, truly an amazing time for us to come out the other end and go, ‘Wow we’re really coming together’, so that really inspired me.'”

Vera explained that while it's hard not being able to see her beloved daughter, she knows she has a job to do.

“It’s really difficult, obviously. There’s a reason for that – I’m working full time and I’m in and out of a hospital environment," she said.

"The safest for everybody was for me to stay at home, work and just make sure at least I don’t put at risk Rita and her sister.”

Former GP Vera had originally been looking after pregnant women with mental health problems but is now helping A&E staff deal with coronavirus-stricken patients.

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