Shawn Mendes Is Handing Over His Social Media To ‘Young Black Changemakers On The Frontlines’

Shawn Mendes is using his large following and platform to raise up young black voices.

The 21-year-old musician shared on Friday morning (June 5) that he’s handing over his social media.

“I’ve decided to hand over my platform on Instagram & give my stories for the next few days to some incredible young Black changemakers on the frontlines in the fight against systemic racism. Please receive them with love and solidarity. The first is @zysaidso. You can also head over to @shawnfoundation‘s IG for more information on her efforts,” Shawn captioned a photo of Zyahna Bryant.

Zyahna is an activist and organizer from Charlottesville, Virginia, the person who wrote the original petition to take down the Robert E Lee statue in Virginia. She is the first person to take over Shawn‘s accounts to share her story and what she’s doing to make a difference. Head to his Instagram now to watch her videos!

To find out more about Zyahna and her fight, you can read her op-ed piece with Teen Vogue, and you can follow her on Instagram at @zysaidso!

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