‘Malmkrog’: Film Review

Since Cristi Puiu’s “Malmkrog” means to drown the viewer in a dense and arcane philosophical debate about Good and Evil, the nature of Christ, Europe and the direction of History, let’s add another strand to the discussion: how is cinema put to best use? It’s an especially pertinent question since Puiu’s always stunning use of space and light, so carefully calculated in every shot, so rigidly composed as if he’s used dioramas with dolls to ensure figures and objects will be exactly in the right place, makes even “Malmkrog” a cinematic experience despite a perverse amount of verbiage that demands absolute concentration for nearly three and a half hours. Yet given that he anxiously wants his audience – never more limited than with this film – to follow the calculatedly cruel intellectual jousting between his five main characters, is cinema really the best means to delve deep into this level of intense philosophizing?

Perhaps if the voluminous script were first made required reading, before watching, then more people could engage with the cascade of non-stop theorizing while the film rolls on. Viewing it on its own however, even more than once, leaves one with the sense of cinema’s limitations. Just as films about poets rarely ever work because we want to read the words at our own pace in order to savor the rhythms and imagery, so philosophy, whether moral, religious or both, as in this case, has difficulty transferring its power across the screen when the verbal sparring requires so much focus that a rewind button is required. Even people reasonably familiar with Gnosticism, Manichaeism and its offshoots, early 20th century history and the works of Russian philosopher Vladimir Solovyov, whose writings Puiu adapted, will find this punishing film, with its theatrical construct and off-putting running time, a challenge with few lasting rewards.

One can be forgiven at the start for thinking we’ve entered into a Chekhovian world: there’s the columned pink manor house grandly set in a clearing surrounded by snowy forests, inside of which are a group of aristocratic friends and a host of largely silent servants. The parallel to Chekhov ends there – there’s no yearning for love or fulfillment, not even a sense that this may be the last gasp of the aristocracy, though we know that to be the case. Puiu isn’t critiquing their refinement and cosmopolitanism, and there’s not even really a dig at class privilege – only the butler István (István Téglás) ill-treats a lower servant. This elite group, gathered at the Transylvanian country home of Nikolai (Frédéric Schulz-Richard) on Christmas Eve just around 1900, are the pinnacle of elegance, and yet their beautiful manners reveal an exquisite cruelty towards each other in the form of a lengthy intellectual fencing match in formal French that starts just before lunch and continues through dinner.

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The film is divided into 6 chapters, each named for one of the main characters plus István the butler. The principals are Nikolai, former seminary student and wealthy landlord; Olga (Marina Palii), the youngest of the group, whose naïve and unorthodox interpretation of the Gospels becomes the target for the others; Madeleine (Agathe Bosch), a dryly intellectual middle-aged woman, possibly a widow given her clothing; Edouard (Ugo Broussot), a wealthy, politically connected businessman; and Ingrida (Diana Sakalauskaité), the wife of a Russian General and an ardent believer in military might. Given Olga’s placement at the opposite end of the table head to Nikolai, and her ease with the house’s passages, one presumes she’s Nikolai’s wife, though this is never stated. Instead she’s condescended to by all, including Nikolai, as “my dear Olga.”

Chapter one, “Ingrida,” begins the religious discussion but mostly reveals Ingrida’s staunch faith in the holiness of the martial arts and a discussion of whether it’s possible to have a good war and a bad peace. It also lays out the distinct divide in their minds between the “superior” Christian West and the “inferior” non-believers of the East – a theory pushed by Solovyov – which will see an echo later in Edouard’s “enlightened” colonialist attitude. Olga is first put on the spot when Nikolai pointedly asks her to explain why Jesus, as the essence of Good, failed to use that Good to win Judas, Herod and the others away from Evil. A truly orthodox believer would have replied that it’s only through Jesus’ death and resurrection that the kingdom of Heaven is open to mankind, but Olga’s Gnostic vision of the Gospels denies the resurrection, thereby making it difficult to counter this fundamental point.

Lunch is served and the conversations continue, turning more serious again once tea is served and Edouard speaks of his conviction that war within a highly civilized Europe is a thing of the past (it’s important to keep in mind that this deeply European group would have had clear memories of the chaos of the Franco-Prussian War of 1870). Shortly after, the talk returns to the existence of Evil in the world, reflecting on various Manichean and Pelagian theories (without naming them as such), with Madeleine opining that since death conquers all, Evil is stronger than Good. While dinner is served, Nikolai fillets Olga’s interpretation of Biblical parables, and while Madeleine good-naturedly comes to her defense, the overall impression is that Olga’s true goodness is sacrificed to the sophistical arrogance of the others.

Puiu means to carefully draw a road map towards the catastrophes of the first half of the 20th century: the carnage of World War I that will sweep away the country – Austria-Hungary – where this all takes place together with the God-given right to rule by similar groups of aristocrats. Looming large as well is the shadow of strongmen (take your pick) whose adept use of Evil made it seem for long stretches of time that Good is indeed the weaker attribute. “Malmkrog” is also a warning about Europe, and how easy it is to feel smug about unity and peace when the belief in equality is an illusion, especially in its confrontation with the Muslim world. Yet extracting all of that out of the endless talk, the exquisite philosophizing, is a largely thankless task, requiring a stamina and concentration that very few audiences can muster.

What we’re left with, aside from heads spinning from the endless opaque dialogue, is an admiration for the visual details, most especially the meticulous staging. Puiu arranges his figures around the rooms with obsessive care, often keeping them with their backs to the camera, or placing them in window embrasures so they remain hidden while speaking. Their stillness is like neoclassical painting, as is the lighting as it changes from midday to evening. There’s a stunning shot early on taken from the main sitting room and looking towards the dining room, allowing us to understand the spaces involved, and another in the sitting room where two protagonists stand with their backs to us, two others face the other way and Ingrida (the sole character in a crimson gown) walks back and forth; it’s a marvel of composition. Puiu has pushed his trademark naturalism aside for a pronounced artificial theatricality – the glances between characters are anything but natural – that’s far more intriguing than the material itself.

One senses he’s also taken a page out of Visconti’s playbook, perhaps interviewing 120-year-old butlers to find out exactly how a lunch table was laid and then cleared. The meticulous sound design adds another level of information about what’s unseen in the house, specifically music and singing lessons (presumably with the child Zoya glimpsed briefly at the start); the manor remains a hermetic world but a world nonetheless, where servants bustle, the sick are tended, and the masters, convinced of their eminence, claim the knowledge of the Gospels as they coolly insert sharp knives into their peers’ richly robed flesh.

'Malmkrog': Film Review

Reviewed at Berlin Film Festival, Feb. 20, 2020. Running time: 200 MIN.

Production:(Romania-Serbia-Switzerland-Sweden-Bosnia Herzegovina-Macedonia) A Mandragora, Iadasarecasa, Sense Production, Cinnamon Films, Film i Väst, Doppelganger, Bord Cadre Films, Produkcija 2006 Sarajevo, Sisters and Brothers Mitevski production, in association with Sovereign Films, Asociaţia Culturală Iadasarecasa, CNC România, Studioul de Creaţie Cinematografică al Ministerului Culturii, SRTV, Canton Sarajevo, North Macedonia Film Agency, Ministry of Culture and Sports/Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Culture and Information, Film Center Serbia. (Int’l sales: Shellac, Paris.) Producers: Anca Puiu, Smaranda Puiu. Coproducers: Lucian Pintilie, Milan Stojanović, Ivica Vidanović, Dan Wechsler, Jamal Zeinal-Zade, Andreas Roald, Jörgen Andersson, Kjell Åhlund, Peter Possne, Mirsad Purivatra, Labina Mitevska.

Crew:Director, screenplay: Cristi Puiu, based on the text “Three Conversations” by Vladimir Solovyov. Camera: Tudor Panduru. Editors: Dragoş Apetri, Andrei Iancu, Bogdan Zărnoianu.

With:Agathe Bosch, Frédéric Schulz-Richard, Diana Sakalauskaité, Ugo Broussot, Marina Palii, István Téglás, Bogdan Geambasu. (French, Hungarian, German, Russian dialogue)

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Money Heist season 4 theories: Alicia forced to leave Inspectora role? Here’s why

Money Heist has garnered a huge following since its beginning back in 2017, and fans of the show cannot wait to get back into the world of Spanish bank robberies. However things were left in a dire place in the final episode of season three, as Rio (played by Miguel Herran) and Tokio (Ursula Corbero) fired rockets at a tank coming to take them down.

Although the team are in an extremely horrific situation, things could still get a little bit worse for El Professor’s (Alvaro Morte) team.

But viewers believe they may not be the only people to have something malevolent coming their way in the show.

In particular, Alicia (Najwa Nimri) has piqued fans’ interests as they believe her secret could go badly for her.

A Reddit user has posed a huge question for fans in suggesting her pregnancy may not go how she expects.


  • Money Heist season 4 theories: Rio to die saving Tokyo?

They wrote: “I think the producers have a reason to make Alicia pregnant.

“My theory is that she will give birth to her child and won‘t be able to work as Inspectora for a time.”

If this is the case, El Professor’s team would surely be pleased they will be losing their biggest nemesis.

But could the arrival of a newer Inspectora spell an even worse outcome for them?

The Money Heist fan went on to suggest that El Professor could go on to use a new Inspectora to his advantage.

They explained: “We will get another new Inspectora and the professor is able to play her.”

While this is certainly a plausible theory, fans didn’t agree that this is how the story would continue.

One replied: “Nah that won’t happen. They probably have her pregnant because something will happen where she loses the baby which will ultimately make her go nuts and not think straight which will help the gang complete the heist and win the ‘war’.”

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With so much at stake for both sides of the battle, almost anything could happen.

And as fans know, Money Heist likes to keep viewers guessing, so involving Alicia’s pregnancy in some larger way would certainly make things complicated for everyone.

Meanwhile, fans believe Rio will end up dying to save Tokio in the upcoming episodes.

Reddit user Clyprr explained: “Now that season four is almost two months away I wanna know what you guys think will happen for the new season. Personally I think Rio will die protecting Tokyo and everyone else (Denver, Monica, Nairobi, Tokyo, el professor) will live.” (sic)


  • Money Heist season 3 ending explained: What happened at the end?

With Rio and Tokio destroying the tank in the final scene of season three, the pair will certainly be in the firing line from the police.

The fan went on to add: “I think he’ll [Rio] die and I don’t know why but Pamerlo will live because I don’t think they could make three psychotic characters.” (sic)

But will the pair be able to get out of the situation alive in part four of the show’s story?

Money Heist part 4 is released on April 3 on Netflix.

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Ozzy Osbourne Stares Down His Demons With a Smile on 'Ordinary Man'

On “Ordinary Man,” the lushly sentimental title track of Ozzy Osbourne’s latest album, the Godfather of Heavy Metal has the audacity to sing, “I don’t wanna die an ordinary man.” It’s a puzzling lyric because for the past half a century, he’s been anything but average — he’s been the Iron Man, the Blizzard of Ozz, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Rebel — but he sings the line from the heart, showing how deep down inside he still feels like he still needs to prove himself. That’s because in the past year or so, he’s faced some serious health reckonings, including a potentially deadly staph infection that sidelined him from an otherwise triumphant world tour, a fall that was so intense that he needed surgery, and a surprising Parkinson’s disease diagnosis. Ordinary Man, his first new album since Black Sabbath’s blockbuster reunion LP, 13, and first solo offering since 2010’s Scream, is a tribute to his resilience.

Osbourne has always been hard rock’s comeback kid. He dusted himself off after Black Sabbath fired him as their frontman and redefined himself as an unflappable heavy-metal madman. As wild as his antics were and as dark as some of his music was, he always let his fans in on the joke. There was an impish spirit in tracks like “Flying High Again” and “Suicide Solution,” and real heart in ballads like “So Tired” and “See You on the Other Side.”

Ordinary Man brings Osbourne into new light. Because he recorded the LP in the depths of misery, the songs, whether tender or bawdy, are more revealing and personal than some of his past hits. He was still recovering from an operation related to his fall last year when his daughter Kelly asked if he wanted to make a song with Post Malone — someone Ozzy had never heard of. He decided it would be a good distraction, and they recorded the instant hit “Take What You Want.” He felt a connection with Post’s producer, guitarist Andrew Watt, and decided to make a record, and the two recruited an all-star rhythm section — Guns N’ Roses’ Duff McKagan on bass and the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Chad Smith on drums — and dreamt up 10 songs in the space of a week. They got a little help from pop guru Ali Tamposi (Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger,” Camila Cabello’s “Havana”) and signed up a guest list that includes Elton John, Slash, Tom Morello, Charlie Puth, and, once again, Post Malone. Ozzy has said the album was therapeutic for him, and you can hear it in his voice.

Some of the songs are elegiac, some are packed with comic-book laughs, but throughout the album he sings with a youthful vivacity that seems at odds with his 70-something years. His goofball songs are more lighthearted than ever, and his more serious songs sound even more thoughtful.

When he helped invent heavy metal half a century ago, he sang horror-movie lyrics with a conviction that was truly unsettling. Now he’s singing about real-life terrors — “Today I woke up and I hate myself,” he sings on “Under the Graveyard,” “Death doesn’t answer when I cry for help” — and the way his voice aches is incredibly moving. Then the music gets heavy and his performance is heavier. “I ain’t livin’ this lie no more,” he sings over a Sabbathian riff. On the power ballad “All My Life,” he remembers “crying tears of defeat” as a child and muses, “Heaven can take me but no one can save me from hell again.” On “Goodbye,” a song with an “Iron Man” stomp, he sings, “I want to die.” For all of these dark disclosures, however, you know he wants to live because, on the rest of the tracks, he’s the same old Ozzy.

The raging antidrug opener “Straight to Hell” shows off his crude sense of humor — “I’ll make you scream; I’ll make you defecate, ha ha ha ha ha” — minutes before a ripping guitar solo by Slash. The bluesy “Eat Me” is his take on the German cannibal who placed a classified ad to find someone willing to be his meal (with a “Wizard”-ly harmonica intro) and “Scary Little Green Men” starts off like a gorgeous ballad in the vein of his 1986 classic “Killer of Giants” until it picks up the pace with verses about homicidal Martians. And then there’s “It’s a Raid,” the record’s closing cut. Featuring Post Malone, it’s a silly hardcore punk song about a subject Ozzy has been singing about for 50 years: paranoia. And it ends with Ozzy screaming “Fuck youuu!” Even when he’s at his lowest, the Ozzman still knows how to have fun.

But it’s the tender moments that make Ordinary Man a keeper. “Holy for Tonight,” a soulful, midtempo ballad about a man on death row waiting for his number to be called, has a lush, almost Jeff Lynne–like arrangement, catchy gospel backup vocals, and Ozzy’s haunting refrain, “I might have told a million lies, but I’ll be holy for tonight.” And of course the centerpiece is the reflective “Ordinary Man.” The song, which finds the Prince of Darkness swapping verses with the Rocketman, Elton John, is his most naked offering since “Mama, I’m Coming Home,” as he sings, “Don’t know why I’m still alive.” Decades after he howled out “Oh, please, God, help me” on “Black Sabbath,” Ozzy is still bravely confronting the dark side as only he can.

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Grimes is 7 months pregnant and ‘mega sick’

Grimes‘ final trimester of pregnancy isn’t smooth sailing.

The 31-year-old singer, who is expecting her first child with Tesla CEO boyfriend Elon Musk, revealed on Instagram this week that she’s “mega sick” from her pregnancy and, as a result, would be stopping all photo shoots meant to promote her new album, “Miss Anthropocene,” which debuts Friday.

In her stead, a virtual avatar named “Warnymph” appears on the cover of the current issue of London-based fashion magazine, The Face.

Accompanying a post to her Instagram unveiling the cover, Grimes notes — “At 7 months pregnant, I sent my avatar to represent me for the cover of The Face magazine! 💅🏻💅🏻 A huge part of why we made her was cuz I knew I might have to delay my album due to the way it’s synching up w my whole health scenario and rly didn’t wanna do that again!”

Along with the cover image their is a second picture of Grimes herself, in which she appears to be under the weather. “Ok! TMI here — but prob out of album stress? x too much work etc I was mega sick last night (it was rough haha 😭 sorry for tmi) but it rly makes the reason we made the @Warnymph all the more relevant to me cuz I CANNOT DO ANY MORE PJOTOS OR I WILL DIEEE.”

Grimes, whose real name is Claire Boucher, announced in January that she was pregnant. One month later, she said the pregnancy was wreaking havoc on her skin.

“I don’t know if everyone has this but when I got knocked up my skin turned super red and is just constantly covered in … stuff,” she said in a video for Vogue. “Doing makeup is way harder when you’re pregnant for some reason.”

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Prince Charles sits down and chat with a 97-year-old hospice resident

Compassionate Charles: Prince of Wales takes a quiet moment to sit with a 97-year-old hospice resident and hold her hand during a busy day of engagements in Wales

  • Prince visited Marie Curie Hospice in Cardiff and the Vale where he met staff 
  • Took the time to sit down with 97-year-old Maureen Russell at the hospice  
  • Earlier he drove his vintage Aston Martin to a new factory located in St Athan
  • Even earlier he could be seen laughing and joking with staff at a train factory
  • Prince of Wales is set for a busy day, with a series of royal visits this afternoon  

The Prince of Wales showed his caring side today as he took the time to sit down with a hospice patient during a day packed with activities in Wales. 

Prince Charles, 71, visited the Marie Curie Hospice in Cardiff and the Vale, where he met staff and spent time with 97-year-old patient Maureen Russell.

The heir to the throne was seen sharing a joke with Maureen and held her hand as he sat at her bedside.  

Earlier today he visited the new Aston Martin Lagonda factory in St Athan, and visited the CAF train factory of South Wales to officially open the facility.

Later today, the royal will make a series of visits to businesses and charities in South Wales, before meeting local residents impacted by recent flooding.  

The royal took the time to sit down with Maureen Russell, a 97-year-old patient staying at the hospice (pictured) 

In a series of visit in Wales today, Prince Charles, 71, headed to the Marie Curie Hospice in Cardiff and the Vale, where he met with staff (pictured) 

The royal donned a smart grey suit for today’s round of engagements, adding a pop of colour with a playful pink tie covered in a pattern of white elephants and cheetahs. 

This morning, Charles arrived at the Aston Martin factory in his vintage car, and could be seen beaming as he disembarked the vehicle. 

The royal was given a tour of the new facility during his visit to St Athan today and given the chance to test drive the new Aston Martin DBX during his visit. 

He later gave a speech at a reception at the event, before unveiling a special plaque for the new facility.   

Busy Prince Charles took the time to have a lovely conversation with Maureen, who was resting in her bed (pictured) 

In a rare quiet moment in a whirlwind of a day, the future King to the time to listen to Maureen as the two chatted away 

Prince Charles arrived in style for a royal visit today as he drove his vintage Aston Martin DB36 to visit a new Aston Martin Lagonda factory in St Athan 

Earlier today, the royal had taken to the driving seat of a partly constructed train at the CAF factory in Newport  

Prince Charles appeared in high spirits as he made a visit to CAF train factory in Newport in order to open the facility earlier today

The royal was also given the honour of placing the Aston Martin logo on the new DBX during his visit to the factory. 

Earlier this morning, he appeared in high spirits as he arrived at the CAF factory, which is owned by the leading Spanish train maker. 

The royal could be seen laughing and joking with staff during a tour of the factory as they spoke through the manufacturing process, and even climbed aboard a carriage. 

The factory builds and test trains including diesel, electric, high-speed and trams.  

The royal was given the honour of placing the Aston Martin logo on the new DBX during his visit to the factory

The royal could be seen delicately placing the logo on the company’s new DBX car, after test driving the car 

The royal received assistance while placing the logo on the brand new car at the new factory today 

Prince Charles gave a speech at a reception at the event, before unveiling a special plaque for the new

As well as the vintage vehicle, Prince Charles tested out the new Aston Martin DBX during his visit

The royal could be seen sharing a smile with staff at the factory after test driving the brand’s new SUV

Behind the wheel! Prince Charles took to the driving seat while at the facility as he testdrove the new Aston Martin SUV

The royal appeared overjoyed as he drove the brand’s first SUV as part of his royal visit today in St Athan 

Prince Charles appeared enthralled as he spoke with Marek Reichman, Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer of Aston Martin

The men spoke as Prince Charles prepared to test drive the new Aston Martin SUV at the new facility in South Wales 

Prince Charles met with some of the 220 employees, while they talked the royal through the production process. 

The royal could be seen laughing and joking with employees as they spoke about the manufacturing process within the factory. 

Later, he climbed aboard a partially completed train and studied various parts during the royal visit. 

The royal, who officially opened the factory during his visit today, also attended a reception for staff and local dignitaries in order to celebrate.     

Prince Charles appeared excited as he chatted with staff at the Aston Martin factory before test driving the company’s first SUV

In the driving seat! Prince Charles arrived in style at the royal visit as he rode in his vintage vehicle to the factory 

The Prince of Wales drove himself between royal visits today in his vintage Aston Martin car (pictured) 

The royal’s Aston Martin bore many of the original features, including the mascot of the Aston Martin DB6

The royal appeared delighted and could be seen beaming as he arrived at the factory in St Athan earlier on today 

During the visit, the Prince of Wales unveiled a plaque alongside CAF’s chief executive Andres Arizkorreta. 

The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility which was completed in 2017, after CAF ploughed £32million into the plant at the Celtic Business Park in Newport, a former steelworks that is not far from the steel hub of Port Talbot. 

Later today, Prince Chalres will pay a visit to the Marie Curie Hospice in Cardiff and the Vale to meet with patients and staff. 

Later he will travel to the British Airways Maintenance Centre to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the company. 

The royal was helped by a member of his entourage as he prepared to leave the facility this morning 

The Prince of Wales unveiled a plaque and gave a speech during the reception at the factory earlier today 

He was joined by the chief executive of the company, Andres Arizkorreta, on stage as he unveiled the plaque 

The royal appeared in high spirits as he spoke during a reception at the CAF train factory in Newport earlier today 

The royal was applauded as he took to the stage to unveil a plaque and officially open the facility in South Wales 

Prince Charles appeared in high spirits during the visit today, which kickstarts a busy day for the royal  

Prince Charles appeared delighted as he took to the drivers seat of a train currently undergoing construction at the facility 

In the driving seat! The royal appeared to enjoy a tour of the facility, which involved him testing out the carriage of one of the trains 

The royal could be seen smiling as he studied the parts of the manufacturing process during the visit today 

Staff talked Prince Charles through the production process during his visit to the factory, with the royal climbing aboard a train currently under construction 

He could be seen sharing a laugh with staff at the factory as he was offered a tour of the facility earlier today 

The royal could be seen beaming and sharing jokes with employees whom he met at the factory today 

He’s also set to meet with residents in the town of Pontypridd who have been affected by recent floods, and meet those involved in the rescue and support effort. 

It comes amid a busy week for Prince Charles, who yesterday presented the Queen’s Anniversary Prizes at Buckingham Palace.

Earlier on this week, the royal donned a hard hat and high-viz jacket to meet some of the skilled costume and prop-makers from the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) during a visit to Warwickshire.

And last week, he hosted The Prince’s Trust Invest in Futures Gala at Kensington Palace. 

He appeared in excellent spirits as he welcomed stars including Claudia Winkleman and Rob Brydon to the gala, which is the largest fundraising event of The Prince’s Trust, generating vital funds to support thousands of young people into jobs, education or training.

The royal donned a simple grey suit with a playful pink tie for the royal visit to the factory in South Wales today 

Prince Charles could be seen chatting with staff as they talked through the production process at the facility 

The royal appeared in high spirits as he shared a joke with one factory worker during the visit earlier today  

Prince Charles could be seen sharing a giggle with a factory worker while making the royal visit earlier today

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Rick Ross, Dwyane Wade Celebrate Miami in 'Season Ticket Holder' Video

Rick Ross and NBA legend Dwyane Wade celebrate Miami in the video for their new song, “Season Ticket Holder.” The track also features Raphael Saadiq and current Miami Heat player — and Wade’s former teammate — Udonis Haslem, who’s credited as UD.

The Bob Metelus-directed clip opens with Wade reflecting on his final season in the NBA (he retired last year) and wanting to work with Ross as a way to try something new and pay tribute to Miami. The rest of the video finds Wade, Ross and the others working in the studio and taking part in a photo shoot that features cameos from DJ Khaled and the Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy. The video is interspersed with scenes from around Miami, including a short shot of a new mural featuring Wade and late NBA legend Kobe Bryant.

“Season Ticket Holder” marks Ross’ first new solo music of 2020, having previously appeared on Jadakiss’ new song, “Kisses to the Sky.” Last summer, Ross released a new album, Port of Miami 2, and published a memoir, Hurricanes.

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Glossybox is launching a limited edition box with Elemis worth over £180 for £40

It doesn’t take much to get us excited when it comes to Glossybox’s collabs – they are always something to look forward to and their latest is no exception.

Glossybox are collaborating with the incredible skincare brand, Elemis.

This year, Elemis are celebrating 30 years and have joined skincare forces with Glossybox for the first limited edition box of the year and boy, is it a good’en.

Featuring five skincare products from the award-winning Elemis Pro-Collagen range and cult classic Papaya Enzyme Peel. The box includes six products you need for a smooth, firm and hydrated skin. The Glossybox x Elemis box also includes one full sized product and one special sized product. They're also the perfect size to keep in your gym or overnight bag.

This limited edition box is worth over £180 but can be yours for just £40 for subscribers and £50 for non-subscribers, which includes delivery. This is one you won’t want to miss.

The Glossybox x Elemis box will launch at 9am on 28th February for subscribers, and 12pm for non- subscribers. Seriously, if you’re not a subscriber, you need to be for this.

The Glossybox x Elemis limited edition waitlist is live now- so what are you waiting for?

The box will be available to buy on the 28th February.

Glossybox is currently offering all new subscribers £10 off and priority access to the Elemis limited ddition box. Just enter the code: FEBRUARY at the till point.

  • Glossybox create £25 Mother’s Day beauty box that's worth over £100

  • ghd unveils ‘Helios’ professional hairdryer that gives your hair 30% more shine

Francesca Britton, Head of Glossybox UK & Ireland said “We are beyond excited to introduce our customers to Elemis and their award-winning range of products. Worth £180 but retailing at just £40 for subscribers, this extra special Limited Edition is a unique opportunity to experience the revolutionary power of Elemis’ bestselling Pro-Collagen range.”

“You’ll receive five skincare essentials from this collection alongside the much loved Papaya Enzyme Peel, all of which can be used together as part of a full morning and night-time routine. Who would say no to that?”

The Glossybox x Elemis limited edition box contains:

Pro-Collagen Marine Cream(worth £52.20 – special size 30ml) – 
Filled with powerful ingredients (including Rose Absolute, Mimosa Absolute and Padina Pavonica), it will hydrate your skin, whilst increasing its elasticity, suppleness and firmness. Every morning, smooth a pea size amount onto your face, neck and décolleté after cleansing and applying your face oil. It will visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, giving you firmer-feeling, more hydrated and radiant skin.

Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream(worth £34.50 – deluxe mini 15ml)
 – In the evening, use the Pro-Collagen Oxygenating Night Cream instead of the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream. Clinically proven, its unique formula helps your skin to regenerate itself as you sleep. A blend of Padina Pavonica and Red Coral improves your skin’s suppleness, firmness and elasticity, whilst Sesame and Avocado oils protect it against free radical damage. Massage a pea size amount onto your face to wake up with a firmer- looking, radiant complexion.

Papaya Enzyme Peel(worth £12.00 – deluxe mini 15ml)
 – After cleansing, you should use this award-winning peel. Formulated with natural fruit enzymes of exfoliating Papaya and calming Pineapple, it gently removes dead skin cells to reveal soft, radiant skin beneath. It also nourishes and protects your complexion. Twice a week, apply a thin layer onto your cleansed skin, leave it for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water

Pro-Collagen Marine Oil(worth £67.00 – full size)
 – This lightweight oil will help to replenish your skin to deliver maximum hydration. Combining three seaweeds (Padina Pavonica, Golden Seaweed and Roaring Water Kelp), it boasts a plumping, moisturising and nourishing formula that keeps your complexion hydrated, whilst also reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Morning and night, massage 3 to 4 drops over your face and neck before applying your moisturiser.

Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm(worth £9.50 – deluxe mini 20g)
 – This powerful cleansing balm should always be the first step of your skincare routine. Blending luxurious waxes with Padina Pavonica and nourishing Elderberry, Starflower and OptimegaTM oils, its unique formula dissolves away makeup, dirt and pollutants. Apply it onto your complexion, then wet your fingertips and massage it in using circular motions. Remove with a warm, damp cotton cloth. Cleansed, nourished, renewed and glowing skin awaits!.

Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Mask(RRP £8.66 – deluxe mini 1 mask)
 – You can use these masks whenever your under eye area needs an extra boost. Boasting Padina Pavonica, potent Plankton extract and Hyaluronic Acid, they hydrate, tone and firm the skin around your eyes. They also help to reduce the appearance of dark circles. Apply the sticky side onto your under eye area, leave for 20 minutes, then gently peel off.

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Adele’s 7st weight loss ‘really changed her life’ friend claims – what’s her diet plan?

Adele is reported to have lost seven stone in recent months. Pictures of the 31-year-old star at Jay-Z and Beyonce’s Oscars 2020 bash saw the singer flaunt a much slimmer frame. The huge weight loss is said to have had a huge positive affect on the singer’s life, according to a friend.


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This “London-based friend” told the Sun: “There’s a lot to do with her weight loss that has really changed her life, but it’s so much more than that.

“She’s had a lot of issues with confidence, self-esteem and a constant fear of being judged.

“She’s starting to feel proud of who she is and what she’s achieved. She doesn’t give a toss about hiding anymore. She’s a happy girl and she’s embracing life – big time.”

It has been claimed that Adele’s weight loss was inspired by her son. 

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A source told People: “She got to the point where she didn’t feel great. She knew she had to change something, because she wants to be the healthiest mum possible.

‘Her whole focus during the weight loss journey has really been all about how she can be healthier and how can she treat her body better. It was never about losing weight.”

And more recently, another source has told the publication just how hands-on a mother the singer is.

They claimed Adele is “very involved” with her son’s schooling.

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Adele weight loss: Diet plan ‘has really changed her life’, friend claims

How did Adele lose weight?

Adele has been claimed to have used a number of methods to lose weight, yet she has not spoken out personally about her methods.

Intermittent fasting, green juices and very low calorie plans have all been attributed to her new slender frame.

A source told People magazine Adele ate a diet of 1,000 a day to slim down, and drank one cup of green juice a day. However, so experts have warned about eating such an extreme diet.

Dr Zoe Williams and nutritionist Dale Pinnock appeared on This Morning today to discuss Adele’s weight loss, and Dale warned about restricting calories to 1,000 a day.


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Is Adele still singing?

Adele is still performing and making music, and she has teased when her next album will be released.

She was filmed at a friend’s wedding telling party-goers “expect my album in September”.

Adele has released three studio albums, 19 (2008), 21 (2011) and 25 (2015).

What food can you add to your weight loss diet plan to burn more fat? 

Tucking into foods high in protein could give the best results, Elliott Upton, personal trainer at Ultimate Performance and Head of LiveUP Online Coaching, said.

He told “Every meal should be built around a quality source of protein.

“It helps to repair, rebuild and maintain muscle tissue, which not only improves body composition – the way your body looks – but also increases metabolic rate.”

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BYU Pole Vaulter Gets 18 Stitches After Pole Pierces His Scrotum Following Jump

A Utah college athlete went viral this week after sharing a cringe-worthy video of his pole vaulting jump that went horribly wrong.

Brigham Young University pole vaulter Zach McWhorter was practicing a stunt on Monday when his landing did not go as planned.

As seen in a TikTok that the 21-year-old shared of the incident, McWhorter runs down the track with the pole in hand, leaps off the ground and accidentally impales his scrotum with the pole while preparing to dismount.

“That one time the pole went through my nuts,” McWhorter captioned the video, revealing that he needed to get 18 stitches after the accident.

As of Friday, McWhorter’s social media clip has been viewed nearly 18.9 million times.

The athlete told Buzzfeed that he could “see right into [his] scrotum” after suffering the injury.

McWhorter also released a photo of his shorts following the incident, which shows a large hole where the pole punctured his body.

The athlete added that his father, and coach, happens to be a urologist and was able to assist him following the accident.

“Immediately after the incident, we got in his car and drove to the hospital and he sewed me up,” he said.

McWhorter then shared that as far as he knows, he only suffered minor damage to the area.

“There is nothing wrong with my testicles — just a scar,” he said. “One day, we’ll find out if they function or not.”

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German Regional Film Funder Boosts Budget, Targets Young Filmmakers

Since taking the helm at German regional funder Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein (FFHSH) last year, Helge Albers has revamped the organization, worked to increase its budget by €3 million ($3.3 million) and introduced new initiatives aimed at young filmmakers.

Albers, a former film producer who previously served as head of the German Producers Assn. and a member of the German Federal Film Board’s production and script funding committee, came in with plenty of ideas to boost the funder’s activities and help adapt it to the rapidly changing film market.

Among the new initiatives is a first-of-its-kind deal with Warner Bros.’ Hamburg-based German division, Warner Bros. Entertainment, which has agreed to annual financial contributions of €1 million ($1.1 million) to the funder. The FFHSH will allocate 25% of the new funding to projects from young up-and-coming filmmakers.

The subsidy board has also increased series funding, with €2 million ($2.2 million) in annual support aimed primarily at the development of high-end productions that are “firmly anchored in the region.”

The overall increase has boosted the funder’s budget to nearly €16 million ($17.5 million) and Albers is working on further increases. The FFHSH is streamlining its funding application process and making it possible for producers to apply for grants more often throughout the year. Producers can begin applying for the new film and series funding in April.

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The increased budget is likely to attract more projects from abroad.

The FFHSH has assisted a number of high-profile international projects in recent years, including Berlinale competition screener “There Is No Evil,” by detained Iranian helmer Mohammad Rasoulof, which received €250,000 ($272,935). Rasoulof has not been allowed to leave Iran since 2017 and last year a judge sentenced him to a one-year prison term for portraying Iran negatively in his past films. Albers expresses hope that Rasoulof will be allowed to leave Iran in time to attend the world premiere in Berlin.

The FFHSH has also backed major Hollywood productions like Paramount’s Tom Clancy adaptation “Without Remorse,” starring Michael B. Jordan, which nabbed €100,000 ($109,162) when it shot at an offshore training facility in Schleswig-Holstein last year. Sony actioner “Charlie’s Angels” received €400,000 ($436,646) for its shoot in Hamburg’s impressive Elbphilharmonie concert hall in 2018.

Golden Bear winner Ildikó Enyedi’s upcoming historical drama “The Story of My Wife,” starring Léa Seydoux, picked up €450,000 ($491,283).

“Naturally, we’re very open and happy to have major international productions that come to us and we offer very good conditions,” Albers says. “We also have many resources that we can provide to productions shooting in the city and region. Our collaboration with Warner Bros. sends a strong signal that we are open and eager for major productions of all kinds and we have more projects in the pipeline that are coming.”

The changes at the funder are meeting the growing demands of the industry, Albers stresses, noting that it was “urgently necessary” to address such developments in the sector as the rise of new players, the speed of decision-making in the market and increasing format production.

One forthcoming production that is likely to benefit from the new series funding is Fatih Akin’s Marlene Dietrich project with Diane Kruger.

The FFHSH is involved in the development of new series through its Series Lab program organized with Creative Europe Media Desk and other partners, including regional pubcaster NDR, which provides a €7,500 ($8,213) grant to selected projects.

The FFHSH has also strengthened its position on sustainability and diversity by becoming the first regional funder in Germany to make its Green Filming Permit mandatory in the region, ensuring that productions are kind to the environment, and also the first to include a diversity checklist in its application process.

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