Horror Movies At Redbox: 5 New Releases and 3 TV Series

If you’re looking for a good scare, Redbox has you covered. Several brand new horror movies are now available for rent at their kiosks and VOD service, along with some long-running series for weekend binges. Here are some of the horror titles you can choose from for a scary movie night, along with some recommendations directly from Redbox themselves!

‘Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island’ – A horror movie take on a TV classic

The Fantasy Island TV series was a wish fulfillment drama for each week’s guest star. The movie shows the darker side of getting everything you ever dreamed of. Lucy Hale, Dax Shepard, Jimmy O. Yang, Portia Doubleday, Maggie Q and Michael Pena star.

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“New to the Box and Redbox On Demand is this gruesome tale of a vacation getaway that’s supposed to deliver its visitors’ wildest dreams,” Redbox says. “But then pretty much the opposite happens.”

‘Gretel & Hansel’ – A horror movie fairy tale

Sophia Lillis stars as Gretel in this edgy take on the classic Grimm fairy tale. Gretel and her brother still find a witch’s house in the woods, but there are more scary thrills in the forest along the way, and they spend a lot more time exploring the witch’s house before the infamous oven scene. 

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“Now at the Box and Redbox On Demand, this creeptastic take on the old fairy tale about a brother and sister’s misadventures in the woods had critics raving about its sleek visuals and stunning cinematography,” Redbox says. “Not the kind of praise that is normally heaped onto horror movies!”

‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’ – Guillermo del Toro’s family friendly horror movie

Producer Guillermo del Toro grew up loving monster movies. He wants modern kids to have the same experience, so he produced this movie based on stories from the book. Redbox sees the potential for young horror fans too.

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“This adaptation of the bestselling children’s book series is something of a ‘gateway horror movie’ if you’ve got any tweens or teens in the house who are brave enough to watch it with you or are otherwise really into urban legends and folklore,” Redbox said.

‘Doctor Sleep’ – New Stephen King horror

Stephen King wrote a sequel to his seminal masterpiece The Shining, and Mike Flanagan adapted it into a sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s movie. Ewan McGregor plays a grown up Danny Torrance, the kid with the psychic shining. Home video also includes a director’s cut that adds 30 minutes back into the film.

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“In this adaptation of Stephen King’s sequel to The Shining, Ewan McGregor stars as the Big-Wheel-riding Danny Torrance, 40 years later,” Redbox said. “Now he must protect a child who has his same powers, or else she’ll be killed by a cult.”

‘Snakes on a Plane’ – A slithering, airborne horror movie

When Samuel L. Jackson agreed to star in Snakes on a Plane, it became an internet phenomenon. Then the movie finally came out and fizzled at the box office. It’s actually quite a wild high concept movie, and Redbox agrees.

“Still the best movie title ever,” Redbox says. “Yes, it’s time to lighten the mood with this absolutely ridiculous film — which I LOVED — featuring one of Samuel L. Jackson’s all-time greatest lines. (Which is of course unprintable.) If you want some laughs mixed in with your blood and guts, this is the one for you.”

Three horror TV series too

Horror has grown on television thanks to cable networks producing horror shows with more explicit content. The Strain is another Guillermo del Toro production, based on the book he cowrote with Chuck Hogan. Ash Vs. Evil Dead is Bruce Campbell’s sequel to his movies. The Walking Dead is the long running AMC zombie series based on Robert Kirkman’s comics.

“My final 3 recommendations are actually all TV series that deal with viruses or plagues that threaten to overrun humankind,” Redbox said. “Totally appropriate for right now! I was a big fan of The Strain when it aired in 2014 because it stars the great Corey Stoll (albeit in an awful wig) and is about vampires. And I love anything about vampires.”

Redbox adds that quarantining doesn’t seem so bad compared to what Ash (Campbell) endures.

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“Bruce Campbell reprises his role as the unlikely every-man hero Ash Williams, who must still battle the undead even though it’s 30 years after the events of the first movie,” Redbox says. “Poor guy! And I thought I was tired after homeschooling my kids for a few months.”

Redbox encourages fans to start from the beginning of The Walking Dead.

“The first season of this mega-popular series remains my favorite (and yes, I’m still watching it all these years later) because it shows the start of the (fictional — for now) zombie apocalypse in the US and establishes so many of the characters that millions have come to root for,” Redbox says. “See (or remind yourself of) how it all began!”

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'Survivor: Winners at War': Denise Stapley Claps Back at Fans on Twitter After Harassment

After last week’s tribal council on Survivor: Winners at War, fans had a lot to say. They commented so much on contestants Twitter accounts that some — Denise Stapley, Sarah Lacina, and Ben Driebergen — had to leave social media altogether. Most left without a word, but Denise clapped back at fans.

[Spoiler alert: Survivor 40: Winners at War Episode 12 spoilers ahead.]

What happened in last week’s episode of ‘Survivor: Winners at War’ to cause fan harassment

In Survivor: Winners at War Episode 12, whispers again broke out at tribal council. Tony Vlachos started the side conversations by leaning over to talk to Jeremy Collins. Within minutes, almost every contestant was up out of their seat chatting with someone else. It continued for so long that Denise became very annoyed.

“I’m done,” Denise told Jeremy when he tried to whisper to her. “I’m ready to vote.”

She shut him down and put her hand up in front of her face as if to say, “Talk to the hand.”

“You know you’re only safe tonight, though?” Jeremy asked her. 

“I fully realize that,” Denise responded.

Immediately the remainder of the castaways stopped talking. Probst tenderly asked if they were ready to vote. The group silently nodded, and then the vote proceeded. Both Tony and Jeremy considered playing advantages but ended up deciding against it. In a five to 3 vote, Kim Spradlin-Wolfe was sent to the Edge of Extinction. 

What did Denise say to fans who were harassing her on Twitter?

“Making a decision to not view Twitter for now,” Denise tweeted. “Just not worth it. So much love & support but also so so much judgment without true understanding of what happens in the game. You can call my actions rude, disrespectful, racists..whatever. Just remember…we’re human. Mama D out.”

Fans were complaining that the way Denise was treating Jeremy during tribal council was “rude, disrespectful, and racist.” 

In a separate tweet, Denise also explained that she spoke to Jeremy in the same tone that she talks to her daughter.

“As we watched last night, my daughter said ‘I’ve seen THAT look before… that’s the SYD…don’t push me look…’ LOL. So for the record to those ‘questioning’ so nicely…100% NOT racist…just 100% exhausted.”

She tried in two different tweets to tell fans that she was merely tired. 

How did fans react to Denise’s clap back on Twitter?

“The comments that people are leaving for the WAW players are out of control,” replies one fan. “Nick, Sarah, and Ben have all shut down their Twitter accounts. Maybe you should too to avoid all the drama. There is enough in the world already.”

Most fans were very supportive of Denise in the comments of her tweet. However, some continued to say that she was rude talking to Jeremy that way.

“I can tell you I’ve only ever received or given that look from/to people I loved dearly,” added another fan. “It’s just the ‘Mama’ look of ‘don’t even try it, mister.’ I hope you and Jermey hashed things out off-camera, but nobody can blame you for tensions getting high during tribal! Still, my favorite.”

It sounds like many fans are supportive of Denise’s gameplay, and find her clap back needed on Twitter. Hopefully, the harassment ends, or it looks like she might leave Twitter like her tribemates.

Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

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You Can Stay At ‘Camp Getaway’ From Bravo’s Newest Show

Bravo’s newest reality TV show Camp Getaway has been described as Below Deck meets Summer House. At least, that’s how cast member Nile Lundgren thinks of it, as he told the Hartford Courant. Lundgren is one of the camp coordinators featured on the show alongside other staff members. Their job is to make guests’ visits filled with fun and relaxation. And yes, you really can stay at Camp Getaway.

Technically, the Kent, Connecticut, retreat is called Club Getaway, and it offers programs for adults and children alike — Camp Getaway is the adult version of the summer camp experience. The location also is a venue for weddings, youth programs, and family camps. So far, many of its summertime dates are still bookable via its website, although the ongoing pandemic could impact some planned weekends. Camp owner David Schreiber told the Courant that they’re taking things day by day and listening to advice from the government and CDC. "As of right now I have not canceled any weekends," he said.

The family camp dates begin at the end of June and run through late August, but some dates are already sold out. The cost is about $300 to $500 per person depending on the weekend and whether the camp goer is a child or parent. That price includes all meals, activities, and entertainment for the duration of the stay as well accommodations in a "rustic chic" cabin.

For the Camp Getaway adult program, the dates begin in early July and extend through early November. The cost is about $500 per person, but some early registration rates are closer to $430. The admission price includes the stay in a cabin, meals (with wine at dinner), activities, entertainment, and parties. Activities include sports, biking, waterskiing, kayaking, improv and hip hop classes, ultimate frisbee, wine tasting, burlesque classes, poker, and drinking games. Some weekends have themes like Gen X, LGBTQ, Young Professional, Adventure, and more.

The focus of Bravo’s show is the dynamic between the camp counselors, but viewers will still get an inside look at everything Club Getaway has to offer. Once it’s safe to travel again, fans of the show will have the perfect idea for their next vacation.

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'Survivor: Winners at War': Fans are Shocked the Contestants Want to Keep Ben Around Over Jeremy

Survivor: Winners at War Episode 12 saw Jeremy Collins’ name brought up yet again. However, fans are shocked that so many contestants continuously want to vote out Jeremy over Ben Driebergen. 

[Spoiler alert: Survivor 40: Winners at War Episode 12 spoilers ahead.]

‘Survivor 40: Winners at War Episode 12’: Who went to the Edge of Extinction?

From the previews for episode 12, it looked like Tony Vlachos was heading out this week. However, Kim Spradlin-Wolfe made the mistake of trusting Ben again. Ben quickly told Tony later that Kim was gunning for him. Ben seems to trust Tony, but when he found a hidden immunity idol in front of Tony, he blatantly tried to hide it. 

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Ben also refused to speak even a word to Jeremy for almost the entire episode because of the Sophie Clarke blindside the week prior. Throughout the season, Ben’s gameplay is chaotic at best; however, everyone keeps him around. Fans understood it in the beginning, but they are shocked that he is still in the game at this point. 

Kim, Denise Stapley, Michele Fitzgerald, Sarah Lacina, Nick Wilson, and Ben were all planning to write down Jeremy’s name at tribal council. However, the tables turned when Tony somehow — slowly but surely — talked Sarah, Ben, and Nick into voting for Kim. Kim went home in a five to three vote, with no advantages played.

Fans want to know why no one is voting out Ben Driebergen on ‘Survivor: Winners at War’

“I’m honestly shocked as to why NO ONE wants to get rid of Ben,” one viewer tweeted. He just snitched about people’s plans, and people are still thinking Jeremy like STOP!!!!”

Not only do the contestants not want to vote him out, but they continue to stay in an alliance with him. 

“The fact that people are still trying to be in an alliance with Ben is so annoying,” one fan tweeted.

Kim told Ben that they need to vote out Tony this week. Moments later, we watch Ben tell Tony that Kim is throwing his name down.

“Ben has to be the most frustrating player ever,” added a fan on Reddit. “He is so incompetent and has completely ruined this season.”

Fans want to know what Ben’s gameplay is on ‘Survivor: Winners at War’

One fan pointed out how Ben would like to take out Jeremy because he is a threat at challenges. Then Tony went on to win three immunity challenges in a row, and Ben still wants to vote out Jeremy. They aren’t sure what Ben’s gameplay is. 

“Is Ben just chaos?” questioned another fan. “He seems to just go around blowing up everything. Does he have a game plan, and we’re just not seeing it?”

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No fans had a clear answer for what Ben is thinking. It looks like at this point; only Ben can tell us what’s going on in his head. 

“He’s leaking information from both sides, so it just seems random,” added another viewer. 

Although the closer it gets to the end, the more valuable Ben becomes. He might be a straightforward person to beat in the final tribal council. If the castaways can get past his erratic behavior, he is worth keeping around from that standpoint. 

Find out who wins the title of sole survivor for Survivor: Winners at War on May 13, 2020, during the season finale and live virtual reunion show.

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WWII vet gets mohawk at 96, goes viral with coronavirus ‘wake-up call’

This World War II vet is getting back to his badass roots.

Guy Whidden, a 96-year-old former WWII paratrooper, is going viral after shaving his shock of white hair into a mohawk to spread cheer — and grit — amid the coronavirus lockdown.

“I feel like a young buck!” Whidden says in the video that’s now been shared and viewed thousands of times. Turns out the Braddock Heights, Md. native is something of a punk rock pioneer.

He first sported a mohawk as a 20-year-old back in 1944 — to intimidate German soldiers the day before taking part in the Normandy landings with the 101st Airborne Division.

Whidden’s unimpressed lieutenant made him shave it off only hours after he got the new ‘do — and the young American would go on to be the only member of his squad to escape D-Day alive, the Frederick News Post reports.

Inspired by the global fight to stop the spread of COVID-19, Whidden asked his granddaughter, New Yorker Lydia Arshadi, to help shave his hair into a sharp style similar to the one he wore on that fateful day nearly 76 years ago.

It’s all part of the quarantine “wake-up call,” according to the proud member of the Greatest Generation.

“Back in our day, World War II was referred to as a national emergency,” Whidden tells his local news outlet. “And this is what we’re going through now, a national emergency. This isn’t easy for people, and everybody’s working together, and that’s the good part of it, just like we did back in World War II.”

Arshadi, 34, shared photos and a video of the process on Facebook with the caption: “When a 96-year-old wants to do something you do whatever he wants!”

The duo also encouraged others to join in a #MohawkChallenge — and now veterans are sharing photos of their new looks.

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'Married at First Sight': Katie Tells Her Dad That Derek Is a 'Boy,' Not a Man

Katie Conrad and Derek Sherman have certainly had their share of arguments on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight Season 10. Katie insisted that Derek was too immature to be married, while Derek seemed put off by Katie’s volatility and jealousy. 

On the Apr. 8 episode of Married at First Sight, “Forever or Never,” Katie sat down for dinner with her dad and stepmom to discuss her relationship with Derek just before Decision Day. She revealed that things weren’t going as well with her husband as she’d hoped. But her dad encouraged her to try to make things work. 

Katie told her dad and stepmother that her relationship with Derek was ‘bumpy’

Just a few days before Decision Day, Katie headed out to dinner with her stepmother, Kim, and her dad, Dante. The 26-year-old mental health professional opened up about her troubled relationship with Derek at the tense meeting.

“I’m kind of at a place right now with Derek where I’m not feeling very fulfilled, so I’m hoping that talking with my family will help me,” the Married at First Sight star told Lifetime producers. “But I’m just overall very confused.”

“So, how’s everything been going?” Kim wondered. 

Katie paused for a long time before she finally admitted, “How do I put this? It’s been pretty bumpy. At the couple’s retreat, the first night was really, really bad.”

The young bride went on to describe Derek’s friendliness with his castmate, Taylor Dunklin, at the retreat. “He and Taylor were sitting next to each other, across from me. They were kind of joking around,” she explained.

But then things went too far in Katie’s book. “Then she says, ‘Your husband’s so great. You’re so lucky,’” Katie said of Taylor. “It was like, if only you knew. He seems like he’s so great, but it’s like, I don’t feel special at all.”

As her dad and stepmom looked on dubiously, Katie explained that Derek just wasn’t fulfilling her needs thus far. “I’m not expecting the ‘I love yous’ and all that to be there, but there’s a giant emotional disconnect,” she lamented. “As soon as I think I’m closing the gap, it shoots way open again. And I’m like, I don’t feel connected to you at all.” 

The ‘Married at First Sight’ star called Derek a ‘boy’ with a ‘baby personality’ 

Dante wondered if Derek put forth effort in making things work when he and Katie had disagreements. “What does he say?” Katie’s dad wanted to know. “When you say that you need some things, some connection from him?”

The Married at First Sight star said sadly, “I don’t think he knows how. I don’t think he knows how to fix that issue.” 

Surprisingly, Katie’s dad seemed to take Derek’s side. “Some guys take a little bit longer to mature,” he said, defending the younger man. 

That’s what set Katie off. In fact, she told her dad she had expected an older man as her groom. “He’s a boy, Dad,” the Married at First Sight star declared. “And that’s exactly what I didn’t want. I was expecting a 30-year-old. I thought I was going to be walking down the aisle, and it was going to be a 30-year-old. Maybe a couple of gray hairs in there. That’s what I thought.”

Katie even added harshly, “And nope, I got fresh, baby-faced Derek, with a baby personality to match.”

Katie’s dad worried that his daughter might be scaring Derek off and pushing him away with her negative attitude. “Are you this amped up all the time? Do you chill a little?” Dante asked his daughter. 

He went on to warn her about getting in Derek’s face too much, because she might destroy something worthwhile: “Because you would scare me if I was Derek. You’d be scaring me. You’re a little amped all the time…Of course it’s a big thing. But there’s also a thing about totally scaring the guy away.”

Katie’s dad hoped the relationship between Katie and Derek would still work out 

Katie’s dad told Lifetime producers that he was more than a little disappointed to hear about the problems between Katie and Derek. 

“Coming here tonight, Kim and I were thinking that this was going to work,” Dante told Married at First Sight producers. “This is that core value, family guy that I was hoping for for my daughter. But just hearing some of her comments tonight, I’m a little concerned.” 

Dante added that Katie could be hard-headed and stubborn, and that he hoped she was willing to be flexible enough to make the relationship work. “I know there’s been ups and downs, but she’s gotta understand that it takes some bending on her side,” Katie’s dad said. “I just would hate for her to give up, because I think there’s a lot there.” 

Katie’s dad encouraged his daughter to think about Derek’s positive traits, not just what she didn’t appreciate about him. “Let’s try to focus on some good things,” he implored her. “What are some good things that he’s done?” 

The Married at First Sight star gave a somewhat half-hearted answer. “Whenever we do get into a fight, he’s pretty quick to apologize and try to resolve it,” Katie admitted. “He’s a genuinely just good person. I think maybe he just doesn’t really know the way to love me the way I need or want to be loved. And maybe he has to figure that out or that’s something we just have to learn as we go.” 

But Katie’s dad insisted that Derek far surpassed any of her previous boyfriend. “He seems like, at his core, he’s a better guy than anybody that I’ve seen you date,” Dante exclaimed. 

Katie agreed, but still didn’t seem excited about her husband. “I would say he’s a better guy in that he doesn’t have malicious intentions,” she confessed. Still, she told her dad and stepmom that she didn’t know if she saw enough potential in the relationship to say “yes” on Decision Day. 

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'Survivor 40: Winners at War': Parvati Shallow's Kryptonite Strikes Again

Fans were devastated after Survivor Winners at War Episode 6. Two fan-favorites went to the Edge of Extinction island in a completely unexpected turn of events. Let’s take a look at what happened to Parvati Shallow this week, and who fans are saying is her kryptonite.

[Spoiler alert: Survivor 40: Winners at War Episode 6 spoilers ahead.]

Who was voted out on ‘Survivor 40: Winners at War’ Episode 6?

During episode 6, the three tribes — Dakal, Sele, and Yara — went to a joint immunity and reward challenge. When they arrived, Jeff Probst informed the castaways that two of the tribes would be going to a tribal council that evening. Yara triumphed — Dakal and Sele both lost and went back to camp to figure out who to vote out next.

Since the merge in episode 5, the tribes are now much smaller. Sele consists of Parvati, Michele Fitzgerald, Yul Kwon, Wendell Holland, and Nick Wilson. Parvati is in a strong alliance with Michele, except Michele used to date Wendell. The couple told everyone they had a bad breakup; however, they are often talking and trying to work together. 

Back at camp, the three guys decide to vote out Parvati because she is a massive threat. Michele goes along with the vote but doesn’t want to write her friend’s name down. Wendell tries to bargain for Parvati’s fire tokens, but she doesn’t budge. In the end, she ends up as the seventh person voted out of Survivor Winners at War

Who do fans feel is Parvati’s kryptonite? 

“We can officially say that Yul is Parvati’s Survivor kryptonite. The only two times she’s been voted out, it’s been by Yul,” one fan wrote on Reddit.

This is Parvati’s fourth time playing Survivor, and she made it two the final tribal council two of those four times. The only two times she did not make it to the final were the seasons she ended up on Yul’s tribe. 

“Yul is her kryptonite,” agreed another fan. “He’s the only one who can stop the Goddess’s ascent to her rightful throne at FTC [Final Tribal Council] every season.”

Fans think it is no coincidence that the moment Parvati ended up on Yul’s tribe, she ended up voted out during the first tribal council. 

Yul won ‘Survivor Cook Islands’ after voting Parvati out

During Survivor Cook Islands, Parvati Shallow was playing an excellent game until after the merge. She spent the first six days without worry as her tribe won every challenge. When they did eventually lose, she successfully voted out numerous players. 

Yul also played a solid game. During episode 2, he was banished to exile island but used clues to find a hidden immunity idol. He formed alliances and stuck to them throughout the game. Yul helped to vote Parvati out on day 36. 

He then went on to become the sole Survivor. Many fans say that history is about to repeat itself. Survivor Winners at War is only the second time that he is playing the game, and he successfully voted out Parvati already. Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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Survivor Winners at War Blowout: Presenting One of the Biggest Blindsides in Survivor History

“Survivor” is known for iconic moments, and tonight’s two tribal councils delivers one of the game’s all-time best blindsides — orchestrated entirely by one person!

There’s no denying it anymore. As much as the players of "Survivor: Winners at War" want to say its about identifying threats large and small, or that the game is about pre-existing relationships, this is a war of generations.

The game has evolved tremendously over the past two decades, as evidenced by 2018 winner Wendell stating quite boldly that he will stab everyone and anyone in the back and in the front to win two million dollars. Modern players often play with their ambition on their sleeves, with shifting alliances that change day by day.

But they’re playing a game with old-school players who believe in long-term loyalty and genuine alliances. Is there a place for that in the modern game of "Survivor." Should new-school players be adaptable to consider the play style of the people they’re playing with, as Nick suggested, or is it up to the old-school players to get hip with the new, hyper-aggressive style of play?

This week, it feels like we got the answer to that question with a pretty epic double-elimination. But while one tribal council felt almost inevitable — even as it felt like a mistake — the other was easily one of the most epic and iconic blindsides crafted in "Survivor" history, and it was pulled off exclusively by one player.

(L)Edge(nd) of Extinction

Seriously, at this point they should just rename the island. Out of the first six people there, five of them played the game first more than ten years ago and became legends when the game was at the height of its pop culture zeitgeist. Only 2014 winner Natalie breaks that trend, and she was the first one out (which always feels a little random).

This week, though, saw Tyson show how he won the game and how he’s so much more than the goofball. While everyone else was trying to figure out the latest cryptic fire token clue, Tyson quickly deciphered that it had to do with the tide (because timing is everthing) and scored an idol nullifier he easily sold to Parvati back in the game.

Her back is totally against the wall as one of only three iconic legends left in the game, so it was a no-brainer for her to snag any advantage she could. Especially as the boys of her new tribe were openly gunning for her.

As for Tyson, he immediately bought a giant jar of peanut butter with his one fire token, as opposed to Natalie’s strategy of hoarding as many as she can toward an advantage when it comes time to try and re-enter the game. We’ll see if calories or fire tokens prove more valuable.

Grab Your Balls

The challenge was all about balls, transporting three of them inside two massive bags of sand through the ocean, then finding them in those bags and then solving a ball maze with them. The twist this time around was the only one tribe would win immunity (and bonus PB&J), sending the other two to tribal.

Once again, the young and physical Sele made quick work of the legwork part of the challenge, but stumbled on the maze, despite their lead. It was actually Wendell who dropped the ball (literally) after getting a little too cocky with his ball handling, giving the win to Sophie and Yara.. That’s kind of what Michele has suggested was the problem in their relationship; his incredible arrogance.

Wendell spent his entire season on the top of the heap, practically, and yet his win came down to one vote. And that vote only after the original jury created a tie with him and his season-long partner Domenick, who many would argue had the better overall game. It was Wendell’s relationship with one person, Laurel, that gave him a million dollars.

The point, though, is that he really doesn’t know how to play this game from the bottom, so he’s always been able to play with very aggressive and open confidence, and that’s how he’s been playing this season, too. But with his ex-girlfriend Michele on his tribe, we know it’s at least rubbing one person wrong.

Legendary Gameplay

Sandra and Parvati are two of the best to have ever played this game, but they played in the 2000s. Rob and Tyson and Ethan and Danni and Amber have already learned that their style of play just doesn’t work with new players, but it was nevertheless masterful to see Sandra and Parvati at work this week.

Parvati’s ability to read other people, assess their weaknesses and exploit cracks in relationships is nothing but masterful. She totally exploited Wendell’s obvious arrogance and willingness to betray alliances to reveal to his alliance members Yul and Nick that he will not be loyal to them as soon as its convenient for him to stab them.

He’s not ashamed of it, either, but she and Michele did a really great job of building that wedge in the boys’ alliance as Wendell confirmed everything she said about him with is brazen performance at Tribal Council.

Meanwhile, over on Dakal, Sandra was playing her brand of ‘Survivor,’ which is very direct and blunt. She effectively told Denise that it was probably going to be her tonight, as Sandra didn’t really see her as a threat. The reality is that Denise won her game by quietly being underestimated.

Nevertheless, she was all ears when Sandra proposed that she would give Denise her immunity idol in exchange for Denise’s two fire tokens. That would give Denise full power to decide who goes home tonight, with Sandra only asking that she and Kim not be targeted. Denise countered that it be one fire token before Tribal and one after.

It was a great deal on Sandra’s part, as it would have Denise doing the dirty work of taking out (probably) Tony for her, while also benefiting Denise by allowing her to stay in the game even though she was the clear target on the night.

One for the Books

We don’t usually spoil the Tribal results here, but we have to this week because while there were two tribal councils, one of them left us frustrated and the other one left us standing and applauding our television screens at the sheer audacity and brilliance of what just played out.

First, Wendell put on his big show of arrogance and aggressiveness, with Parvati even exposing that he was willing to deal live with her right there, exchanging his vote for a fire token. Probably because he knew it didn’t matter. Parvati was unanimously voted out, despite her best efforts, leaving Michele on the outside looking in.

Then, pure insanity played out with Dakal as Sandra and Denise put their plan into motion. As predicted, after the votes were submitted, Denise played Sandra’s Idol to save herself. But then, just in case, she played her own Idol (that Sandra knew nothing about) to protect her OG Sele ally Jeremy. And then, for her final trick, she had written down Sandra’s name.

Sandra gave up immunity for two fire tokens, only got one fire token in the deal and then got voted out. And every bit of it was orchestrated and played by Denise. And Sandra said she didn’t see her as a threat?

That’s probably the biggest weakness of the season in that all these new-school players are looking at the OG players as the threats, when the biggest threats are really the ones who understand this newer style of play and are ready to cut throats with the rest of them.

With Parvati and Sandra heading to the (L)Edge(end) of Extinction, there is only one player left in the game who played the game prior to 2011, and Yul kept such a low profile after winning in 2006, nobody is really looking at him as one of those flashy threats that needs to go.


Sophie Georgina Clarke (South Pacific-2011) is effectively running the Yara tribe as a two-woman show, and she’s doing it from a far less flashy and visible position than Sarah is, even with today’s puzzle dominance. They’ve got Ben connecting with them, but we can already see the wheels turning in her head as to how she can use him to her advantage. Grade: A+

Denise Stapley (Philippines-2012) just made the biggest move of the season, and it’s going to be hard to top single-handedly orchestrating the elaborate elimination of the Queen of "Survivor," Sandra. The only risk for her now is that she may have exposed just how damned clever she is. But Denise is a master at not looking like a threat, so we could see her fading back into the background to await her next chance to strike. Grade: A+

Sarah Lacina (Game Changers-2017) is sitting pretty at the top of the Yara heap with Sophie, she still has her steal-a-vote power, she’s building a relationship with Ben and still has her alliance with Tony in her back pocket. She is positioning herself very well for the middle part of this game. Grade: A

Yul Kwon (Cook Island-2006) slips only a little because he seemed a little shocked by Wendell’s openly aggressive and non-loyal style of play and was clearly out of the loop on Denise’s overall plan. But he’s shown a remarkable ability to reassess and adapt to a game he hasn’t played in 14 years, so we think he’ll work through this and be fine. Grade: A

Kim Spradlin-Wolfe (One World-2012) is in a power position on Dakal right now, with Denise flipping the script on the tribe. With only four players left, she is in a swing position between Denise and Jeremy and herself and Tony, with Tony the clear bigger target. She’s not in a great position overall, but she still has an idol, so we think she’ll be able to navigate this challenge. Grade: B+

Nick Wilson (David vs. Goliath-2018) had a chance to take out Wendell this week, but opted to boot his crush. Nevertheless, his eyes have been opened, so it remains to be seen if he and Yul will still target Michele next, or if Wendell raised enough red flags for them to maybe flip on him. Either way, we feel he’s in a swing spot, which is a power position. Grade: B+

Jeremy Collins (Second Chances-2015) is not at all in control of his game, but if he and Denise navigate this next phase right, he could be. He’s still a huge visible threat, though, and with all the legends getting voted out, he’s one of the next flashy targets people will start looking at (ignoring the real threats). Grade: B

Ben Driebergen (Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers-2017) may be getting in buddy-buddy with Sophie and Sarah, but we feel like they’re just toying with him, using him as a vote and a meat shield. Perhaps he can create a genuine bond that will hold, but we think they’ll see him as too flighty overall as the game moves forward. Grade: B

Wendell Holland (Ghost Island-2018) laid out his hyper-aggressive loyalty-free style of play in front of two OG players, and one of them is still in the game. It’s hard to imagine a group of winners ever trusting him after what he said, even from one vote to the next. We’d be surprised if that performance didn’t doom his game, though he’s still playing from a power position from the time being. Grade: C+

Tony Vlachos (Cagayan-2014) had been doing so good until Dakal had to go to Tribal, and then his paranoia kicked in and he was back in a spy shack. The problem is, everyone here knows that trick. He’s going to be his own worst enemy as his paranoia gets the best of him and makes him look like a bad partner. If he can hang until he reunites with Sarah, he might be okay, but on his own he’s a loose cannon and all the bigger targets in front of players like him and Jeremy are disappearing fast. Grade: C

Adam Klein (Millennials vs. Gen-X-2016) should have maybe not been Captain Ahab with Rob as his White Wale, because he’s actually in a worse spot now with Rob gone. Plus, he can’t even take full credit for getting the master of this game out. And now, he’s the odd man looking in at Sophie, Sarah and Ben, who also knows he’s a flipper who tires to play all sides at once. He’s going to out-think himself out of the game. Grade: C-

Michele Fitzgerald (Kaôh Rōng-2016) doesn’t deserve to be in this position, so she needs to use every tool in her disposal to start working on Yul and Nick. She’s pulled some masterful moves already in this game, but if the boys stay tight she could be in trouble. It’s an uphill battle, but one she’s capable of conquering if there’s any flexibility. Grade: C-

Parvati Shallow (Fans vs. Favorites-2008) and Sandra Diaz-Twine (Pearl Islands-2003 & Heroes vs. Villains-2010) were both brilliant at playing their games. We may never know if it was just that they’re old-school players in a new-school game so their old-school tactics don’t work anymore, or if it’s because they’re legends and these newbies want to be able to say they took out a legend. Grade: F

On Edge of Extinction, Natalie still sits at a C- for her impressive fire token collecting, while Tyson rises to a D for nabbing his first fire token, only to immediately spend it. Everyone else is still at an F.


"Don’t treat me like I’m some rookie newbie out here. And that’s what it came down to, a lack of respect. And for that reason alone, I couldn’t live with him anymore." –Ben (after Rob’s eviction)

"The general sense of the tribe is that the Wicked Witch is dead and we can do whatever we want now." –Adam (after Rob’s eviction)

"Eating the little bit of peanut butter each day would A) boost my spirits mentally (and the fact that I’m doing something sneaky and hilarious) and get me the extra calories that will prepare me for the challenge." –Tyson (using his fire token to buy a jar of peanut butter)

"Sandra, take a spot on the Sandra bench." –Jeff (Sandra sits out another challenge)

"Watch this, Jeff." –Wendell

"It drops; while talking smack, he loses the ball and all the progress, starting again." –Jeff (narrating Wendell’s arrogance)

"Yul’s not gonna budge. Every time I talk to him, he’s like crossing his arms, crossing his legs, not open at all." –Parvati (reading body language to perfection)

"I’m not concerned with fire tokens, I’m concerned with numbers." –Wendell (rejecting Michele’s idea to throw a vote his way to try and get Parvatie’s fire token)

"I offered to betray Parvati and he still doesn’t trust me. And I’m pissed, because when I dated him, I was the one who got burned, so why would I move forward with somebody who I’m giving, giving, giving and they’re taking, taking, taking." –Michele (about Wendell)

"I need that information and there’s only one way to get it and that’s the spy bunker." –Tony (at it again by the water well)

"Sandra is very direct and very honest and she thinks she’s in charge of the game. That’s not how I play." –Denise (after Sandra told her OG Dakal was probaby going to stick together)

"I’ll stab everyone in the back. I’ll stab ’em in the front." –Wendell (at Tribal Council)

"It won him a million dollars, it won me a million dollars. If we’re playing with people that don’t value that philosophy of ‘Survivor,’ then maybe that’s not the right approach this season." –Nick (at tribal council, but maybe it is?)

"I want to throw up." –Denise (after single-handedly orchestrating Sandra’s elimination)

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First look at Netflix’s football drama The English Game from the makers of Downton Abbey – The Sun

NETFLIX'S upcoming drama ‘The English Game’ tracks the complicated history of the world's most popular game.

The six-part series is set in 1870’s England and sees two footballers on opposite sides of a class divide forging a bond that helps bring the elite gentleman’s sport to the general public.

The hotly-anticipated show dives into the origins of football, revealing how those involved in it creation were determined to make it more accessible to the masses.

Whilst the show is about football and its origins, you don't need to understand the offside rule to enjoy the trials and tribulations that came with putting the sport on the map.

One of the first look pics shows football fans dressed down at a match, wearing shoddier garments as they take in the game.

Another snap previews a suited and booted set of gents, and looks to be from within a large manor house.

The next image shows Edward Holcroft having a candlelit dinner party, in formal attire.

The final image, shows a brewing riot as townspeople clutch flaming torches and chant.

The Downton Abbey-esque drama features Edward Holcroft (Kingsman: The Golden Circle), Kevin Guthrie (Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindelwald, The Terror), Charlotte Hope (The Spanish Princess, Game of Thrones), Craig Parkinson (Line of Duty, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch), James Harkness (The Victim, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) and Niamh Walsh (Jamestown, Jekyll & Hyde).

Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes, executive produced the series.

The show is being produced by 42 – the production company behind BBC’s Watership Down and Channel 4’s spy drama Traitors.

The English Game will be released on Netflix on March 20.

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'Married at First Sight': Jessica Worries About Austin's Love Confession

It was smooth sailing for JessicaStuder and Austin Hurd almost immediately after they got married onLifetime’s Married at First Sight Season 10. They were attracted to eachother from the beginning and seemed entirely in sync on their romantichoneymoon in Panama.

But on the Feb. 26 episode of Married at First Sight, “The ‘L’ Word,” Jessica and Austin encountered their first real potential bump in the road. A conversation about their respective romantic histories left Austin and Jessica somewhat at odds about when to say “I love you” and what it meant to fall in love.

Austin and Jessica opened up about past relationships

On the latest episode, Austinand Jessica talked about their romantichistories in order to see how they might move forward together.

“I am nervous because we have to talk about our love history,”Jessica admitted, “and it’s always a little bit awkward to talk about exes andpast relationships.”

When Austin asked Jessica if she’d been in love before, the nursing manager said she wasn’t entirely sure. “I don’t know. That’s really tough,” the Married at First Sight star told her husband. While she’d been in long relationships before and thought she was in love, Jessica said she sometimes thought she had just been “going through the motions.”

Austin said he wouldn’t be ready to say ‘I love you’ for a long time

Meanwhile, Austin said that while he’d gotten his heartbroken a time or two, he’d been in love at least once during a three-year relationship.

“How long were you together before you said I love you?”Jessica asked Austin.

The networkengineer replied that he’d only professed his love after a year of dating. “It’stoo big of a word to throw around,” he explained.

Jessica told Marriedat First Sight producers she wasa bit taken aback by her husband’s response. “For me, that’s a long time,” sheconfessed. She added that she hoped he wouldn’t take so long to proclaim hisfeelings for her, saying, “I do hope he says I love you sooner than later.”

The couple also discussed their love languages, with bothpromising to express love more frequently in the way the other most wanted toreceive it. Jessica responded most to words of affirmation, while Austinpreferred physical touch.

“I know that’s Austin’s way of showing love,” Jessica said. “It’s not something that comes to my mind right away, so it’s something I’m going to make a conscious effort to keep doing.”

Jessica admitted she was already starting to fall in love

While Jessicatold producers she already felt the beginnings of love stirring, she hopedAustin would follow suit soon.

During a pillow talk session, Jessica told her husband shethought he was a more emotional person and more willing to wear his heart onhis sleeve than she was. “You can be a leader in that way,” she said.

The Marriedat First Sight star then askedpointedly, “Do you think you’ll be the first one to say ‘I love you?’ If weever got to that?”

But Austin didn’t want to move too fast. “I don’t know,” heresponded frankly. “We’ll see. Nothing’s planned like that…There’s a lot ofthings we got to do before we get there.”

“My money’s on you saying it first,” Jessica responded.

While Austin was starting to develop feelings for his wife,he told Lifetime producers he wanted to make sure not to rush or forceanything. “I think she is over-thinking love as a word,” he said. “You can’tplan love.”

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