Gunna Drips By With a Little Help From His Friends on 'Wunna'

Is Gunna a rapper or an Avenger? On Spotify’s amazing poster promoting his new album Wunna, a computerized Gunna stands in reverse-V formation with his musical godfather Young Thug and the album’s principal producers: Wheezy, Turbo, Taurus, and Aviator Keyz. They all wear matching iridescent black vinyl bodysuits. A burning meteor streaks through the background. WUNNA: THE AGE OF YSL, the poster declares. It’s a fitting visual metaphor for the album, which stands among Gunna’s best releases to date. On Wunna, the talent that resides in and orbits around YSL Records (Thug’s label imprint) brings out the best in Gunna.

 Wunna is an astrology-themed album about the life and times of Gunna’s half-assed alter ego, Wunna. Gunna is Wunna; Wunna is Gunna. As the delightful backronym “Wealthy Unapologetic Nigga Naturally Authentic” and the Wunnascope encouraging Geminis to “drip offensively” both suggest, Wunna doesn’t unveil a yet unknown side of Gunna, but rather the wealthy superstar he has become. Private jets to Maui, women lined up to take him to bed, $150 thousand per show, custom VLONE. Despite the fervor of Gunna’s flexing, there is peace in his warm, groggy, melodic murmur, which always makes it sound as though he’s just woken up from a refreshing afternoon nap. On both “Addys” and the title track, he retools OT Genasis’ “Cut It” flow to make it glide. While some of his writing is of the Fisher-Price variety—one verse in “Met Gala” employs a AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA rhyme scheme—and his lyrics aren’t always well thought out (“Say the wrong word, and I’mma shoot him in his shit”), Wunna remains a transportive listening experience, due in large part to its production, which exists in almost perfect harmony with Gunna’s soothing vocals.

The beats on Wunna underscore the envious extravagance and comfort of Gunna’s lifestyle. Many of these beats recall the restraint, buoyancy, and soft edges of Young Thug’s Barter 6. It is the production, rather than Gunna, that dictates the album’s mood swings, which appear almost as seasonal fluctuations. The weightless single “Skybox,” produced by Taurus, evokes springtime with synths that flit like hummingbirds. “I’m On Some,” produced by Wheezy and Turbo, is spare, cavernous, and unhurried in a way that evokes wintertime stillness. “Argentina” and “Met Gala,” both produced by Wheezy (who notched 10 production credits on Wunna), evoke a languid, endless summer.

Most of Gunna’s signature moments have been collaborations. “Sold Out Dates” and Drip Harder made him and Lil Baby into bigger stars, and Thug’s presence has yielded some of his finest moments and biggest hits (“3 Headed Snake,” “Surf,” “Hot”). Unsurprisingly, Thug’s two features on Wunna coincide with two of the album’s standouts, “Dollaz On My Head” and “Far.” On “Far,” the satisfying victory lap that closes out the album, Thug doubles Gunna on the chorus, and they wistfully sing together, remembering friends dead or in jail and appreciating how far they’ve come. Whether Gunna is probing these arrestingly weighty moments or singing about Eliantte diamonds and boat sex, Thug and the Wunna production braintrust never once let him down.

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The First 'Saved By the Bell' Revival Teaser Features Zack and Kelly’s Son

We’re living in an era of extreme ’90s nostalgia. Fortunately, reboots, revivals, and reunions are happening all the time. Saved by the Bell is latest series from the era to get a revival, and the first teaser from it has arrived. Watch below, and get a first look at Zack (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) and Kelly’s son.

‘Saved by the Bell’ is coming back

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Back at The Max… #SBTB #FBF

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The popular sitcom Saved by the Bell had various iterations. There was Saved by the Bell: The College Years, Saved by the Bell: The New Class, and even the precursor to it all, Good Morning, Miss Bliss. Now, its been decades since any of these characters have come together on screen. But that’s all about to change.

News broke in 2019 that Mario Lopez, who portrayed A.C. Slater in the original series, was returning to scripted TV with a revival of Saved by the Bell. Elizabeth Berkley would also reprise her role of Jessie Spano. In 2020, Gosselaar (Zack Morris) and Tiffani Thiessen (Kelly Kapowski) were confirmed for guest appearances.

Zack and Kelly tied the knot in a 1994 special

You’d be forgiven for forgetting what happened since we last saw these characters. Zack and Kelly, were an on-again, off-again couple throughout the original series. Their romance was reignited in the spinoff The College Years, which aired for just one season.

The characters were alluded to (and Morris made a cameo appearance) in the other spinoff, The New Class. But the last time we saw Zack and Kelly (aside from a 2015 The Tonight Show sketch) was at their wedding. A 1994 TV movie special saw take a trip to Las Vegas and get married.

The first teaser is here

Filming for the Saved by the Bell revival series began in Jan. 2020. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, they likely haven’t been able to shoot everything that was planned. However, that didn’t stop Peacock (NBC’s new streaming service) from releasing an official trailer on April 15, 2020.

In the teaser, Slater is back as a gym teacher at his alma mater. He reconnects with Jessie, who exclaims that it’s been 30 years since they were teenagers themselves. The “Zack Morris” character, who gets to use his signature time-out move, is Daisy, a new student at Bayside High.

It confirms that Zack and Kelly have a teenage son

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Friends forever…

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In the teaser, Slater has a talk with two students, who apparently got into a food fight over a girl. He can relate, saying that that’s what he used to do with his best friend. “It was actually your dad! Over your mom,” he told the blond teenager, Mac Morris. That’s right — Zack and Kelly’s son is now at Bayside.

And the other student also has a parent audiences know: Jamie Spano, the dark-haired kid, is Jessie’s son. There’s no word yet on who his dad is. Regardless, it looks as though there is going to be a quite a reunion when Saved by the Bell comes to Peacock later this year.

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Coronation Street hit by Ofcom complaints from viewers horrified by violent knife crime scenes – The Sun

CORONATION Street has been hit with a series of Ofcom complaints over last night’s violent knife crime scenes.

Horrified viewers registered their concerns with the broadcasting regulator after the ITV soap aired a gang threatening David Platt at knife point.

In the shocking scenes, the troubled character – played by Jack P Shepherd – purposefully starts a fight but now faces being stabbed to death.

As well as eight complaints to Ofcom, viewers took to Twitter to express their upset over the scenes.

One person wrote: “NOOO David's not actually gona get stabbed like poor Kylie is he? #Corrie.”

Another added: “Oh God. MORE bad luck for David. Now he's getting mugged.”

While someone else exclaimed: "Ooh look, it's the cutting crew!  Will David die in their arms tonight? #corrie.”

Over the last few episodes viewers have watched as David hasn’t been coping well since his wife Shona lost her memory and demanded a divorce.

During Tuesday night’s instalment he had raged at Imran about wife Shona wanting a divorce when he realised he would have to be married for at least a year before they could end their marriage.

As Imran said he was sorry to hear that Shona wanted a divorce, David snapped back: “Well I’m not, not anymore.

“It can’t come soon enough. I just want to get it over with and get on with the rest of my life. So I’ve got a wife who barely recognises me and I have to wait another seven months.”

Taking to day drinking, David wandered back alleys looking for trouble when he threw a half can of beer at a group of thugs he walked passed.

Grabbing him the gang leader demanded: “Phone and wallet. I’m going to count to five. One, two, three…”

“Four, five, six. Now what are you going to do? Do something then,” David said taunting them.

But his cocky look soon changed to horror when the gang leader pulled a knife out and held it to David’s face.

Fans will have to wait two days until they find out David's fate.

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Joy-Anna Duggar slammed by fans for using chainsaw around toddler – The Sun

JOY-ANNA Duggar has been forced to defend a picture of her toddler son holding a chainsaw.

The mother-of-one was slammed by followers as she posted the snap of her two-year-old Gideon with his dad Austin, holding the piece of machinery.

Joy-Anna, 22, captioned it with the words: "Learning how to clear land from Papa!☺️😍
#dozerwork #landclearing#GideonMartynForsyth"

A shocked follower commented: "Austin has ear protection but your precious baby doesn't???

"Teaching ur kids that this deadly tool is a toy."

Another warned: "My cousin lost two fingers with that tool and he’s a grown man."

One worried fan added: "Why is a kid so small near a chainsaw."

But the Counting On star was quick to defend her actions.

She responded: "It wasn't running. I just wanted to get a picture of Gideon with Austin!:)"

And while it was the chainsaw picture which got her fans talking, others pointed out that Joy-Anna had also posted an image of herself holding Gideon with his ear protectors on.

"You can see in the first picture her child DID have ear protection. Why do you follow them to be cruel?," asked one fan.

Joy-Anna shot to fame as one of the 19 children of devout Christians Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar featuring on their reality show 19 Kids & Counting.She married husband Austin in 2017 before they welcomed their first child Gideon a year later.

Fans are speculating Joy-Anna may be pregnant againCredit: Instagram
Fans are currently speculating that the pair are expecting another child, just eight months after Joy-Anna miscarried their daughter Annabel.

During a recent Q&A, she said: "Of course we want more kids. It's just been a long last eight month after our miscarriage with Annabel."Looking forward to what God has in the future though."

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The six steps used by influencers to get the perfect booty shot

How to get that perfect booty shot! Fitness influencer reveals the steps Instagram models use that can make even the flattest posterior look peachy

  • Danae Mercer, who lives in Dubai, shared her booty shot tutorial on Instagram
  • Said keys to a great photo are ‘angles, position, camera movement and flexing’ 
  • The influencer uses six-steps to create the appearance of a perky derriere  
  • She said she posted the video as a reminder that ‘social media isn’t real life’  

An influencer has shared the secrets of how to get the perfect angle for an Instagram ‘booty’ shot.

Danae Mercer, who lives in Dubai, posted the clip on Instagram showing the six-steps to getting the perfect photograph to show off a perky posterior.

Alongside the clip, she said the key parts to the shot were ‘angles, positioning, flexing and camera movement.’ 

She explained: ‘Mix it all together and you’ve got one super defined derrier.’  

Danae Mercer, who lives in Dubai, has revealed how six step guide to taking the perfect shot to show off a perky posterior in a helpful Instagram video

STEP ONE: Spin around so that your back is facing towards the camera. STEP TWO: Twist one side back and place your hand on your hip so that you are looking over your shoulder 

In the clip, Danae started by turning around so her back was to the camera.

Secondly she twisted her back so that she could smile at the camera, but keeping her derriere at the front and centre of the shot.

Next, she advised flexing her muscles in her derriere, before testing different angles to get the perfect shot.

For the fifth step, Danae pulled her stomach in and engaged her core, before finally lowering her camera so her perky posterior is centre of the shot.

STEP THREE: Flex the ‘back cheek’ – the one furthest from the camera – to make it look lifted 

STEP FOUR: Test your angles by shifting your body backwards and forwards slightly 

STEP FIVE: Squeeze in your core to create a fitter looking silhouette from this angle. STEP SIX: Lower the camera so that it is closer to your derriere, making it look bigger and peachier  

She then added captions to the video, saying: ‘Just a little reminder today, social media is not real’.  

Six steps to a perfect booty shot  

1. Start with your back to the camera

2. Twist back so you can see the camera, but keep your derriere at the front of the shot

3. Flex your back and cheeks

4. Test a variety of different angles

5. Pull your stomach in and engage core

6. Lower the camera so that her posterior is in forefront of the shot  

In the caption of the post, Danae wrote: ‘Want a social media bootie? Or, hey, ever wonder how all that fitspo always have perky patooties? 

She went on to explain that there were four key parts to taking the photograph; ‘angles, positioning, flexing and camera movement’.

She added: ‘It’s also important to remember that very few folks really walk around with badonkadonks like we see online. 

‘Some peachy people train crazy hard and some have epic genetics. Some just know how to work the camera.

‘So just a small note to say that Instagram, social media, it’s not real – even if it’s great for photography tips.’

The video quickly racked up thousands of views, with followers praising Danae for her transparency.

Despite posting glamourous shots from around the world, Danae often insists that social media isn’t real life. She is pictured here in Sri Lanka

One person commented: ‘Discovered you through another influencer and I have to say, scrolling through your page almost made me cry because I need these types of reminders.’

‘Your transparency is awesome!’ said another. 

A third added: ‘Girl, I am the queen of booty selfies. Ain’t no shame in my game or photoshop necessary! Knowing your body is so important for more reasons than one.’ 

One commented: ‘This is embarrassing to admit, but I was wondering about this just this week! 

The video quickly racked up thousands of views on social media, with followers praising Danae for her transparency

‘I’ve been logging the gym time lifting and seeing results in many ways, but I’m still more pancake than peach (maybe peachcake?)’ 

Another commented: ‘BEST AUTHENTIC POST!’

Danae, who also works as a journalist, said often shares side-by-side shots showing off her body with classic Instagram angles next to ‘real life’ ones. 

Danae, who also works as a journalist, often shares side-by-side shots showing off her body with classic Instagram angles next to ‘real life’ ones

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