Gunna Drips By With a Little Help From His Friends on 'Wunna'

Is Gunna a rapper or an Avenger? On Spotify’s amazing poster promoting his new album Wunna, a computerized Gunna stands in reverse-V formation with his musical godfather Young Thug and the album’s principal producers: Wheezy, Turbo, Taurus, and Aviator Keyz. They all wear matching iridescent black vinyl bodysuits. A burning meteor streaks through the background. WUNNA: THE AGE OF YSL, the poster declares. It’s a fitting visual metaphor for the album, which stands among Gunna’s best releases to date. On Wunna, the talent that resides in and orbits around YSL Records (Thug’s label imprint) brings out the best in Gunna.

 Wunna is an astrology-themed album about the life and times of Gunna’s half-assed alter ego, Wunna. Gunna is Wunna; Wunna is Gunna. As the delightful backronym “Wealthy Unapologetic Nigga Naturally Authentic” and the Wunnascope encouraging Geminis to “drip offensively” both suggest, Wunna doesn’t unveil a yet unknown side of Gunna, but rather the wealthy superstar he has become. Private jets to Maui, women lined up to take him to bed, $150 thousand per show, custom VLONE. Despite the fervor of Gunna’s flexing, there is peace in his warm, groggy, melodic murmur, which always makes it sound as though he’s just woken up from a refreshing afternoon nap. On both “Addys” and the title track, he retools OT Genasis’ “Cut It” flow to make it glide. While some of his writing is of the Fisher-Price variety—one verse in “Met Gala” employs a AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA rhyme scheme—and his lyrics aren’t always well thought out (“Say the wrong word, and I’mma shoot him in his shit”), Wunna remains a transportive listening experience, due in large part to its production, which exists in almost perfect harmony with Gunna’s soothing vocals.

The beats on Wunna underscore the envious extravagance and comfort of Gunna’s lifestyle. Many of these beats recall the restraint, buoyancy, and soft edges of Young Thug’s Barter 6. It is the production, rather than Gunna, that dictates the album’s mood swings, which appear almost as seasonal fluctuations. The weightless single “Skybox,” produced by Taurus, evokes springtime with synths that flit like hummingbirds. “I’m On Some,” produced by Wheezy and Turbo, is spare, cavernous, and unhurried in a way that evokes wintertime stillness. “Argentina” and “Met Gala,” both produced by Wheezy (who notched 10 production credits on Wunna), evoke a languid, endless summer.

Most of Gunna’s signature moments have been collaborations. “Sold Out Dates” and Drip Harder made him and Lil Baby into bigger stars, and Thug’s presence has yielded some of his finest moments and biggest hits (“3 Headed Snake,” “Surf,” “Hot”). Unsurprisingly, Thug’s two features on Wunna coincide with two of the album’s standouts, “Dollaz On My Head” and “Far.” On “Far,” the satisfying victory lap that closes out the album, Thug doubles Gunna on the chorus, and they wistfully sing together, remembering friends dead or in jail and appreciating how far they’ve come. Whether Gunna is probing these arrestingly weighty moments or singing about Eliantte diamonds and boat sex, Thug and the Wunna production braintrust never once let him down.

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Little Richard: 5 Things To Know About Rock And Roll Legend Dead At 87

Little Richard, who has influenced the music industry for over seven decades, has died at the age of 87.

One of the most iconic music artists to ever exist has passed away. Little Richard (real name Richard Wayne Penniman) died Saturday, May 9, according to his rep Danny Penniman. The cause of his death remains unknown. The Macon, Georgia native has left a lasting effect on the world of pop culture ever since he shot to superstardom over 60 years ago with his debut hit “Tutti Frutti”. Other legendary acts have often credited him for their own sound and style over the years including The Beatles and Elton John just to name a few. Tributes have already poured in for him all over social media in the wake of his death with millions of fans heartbroken about the devastating news.

Here are 5 things to know about the man who has been labeled as ‘The Real King of Rock N’ Roll’.

1: The Beginning. His music career exploded in the mid 1950’s with a series of irresistible hits that included “Rip It Up” and “Long Time Sally”. Another one of his legendary tracks, “Good Golly Miss Molly”, is ranked at #94 on Rolling Stone‘s list of the 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time.

2: A Toast To You. The amount of artists who have covered his songs are quite impressive. The Beatles recorded their own version of “Long Time Sally” and others like Creedence Clearwater Revival and Elvis Costello have reinterpreted his hits in their own way.

3: Fashion Influences. His eye-catching style has no doubt been seen on others as the years have gone by. He famously told Joan Rivers in the late 80’s that Prince was the “Little Richard” of his generation. “I was wearing purple before you was wearing it!” he exclaimed while looking at the camera to address the “When Doves Cry” singer.

4: Big Honor. He was part of the first group of inductees into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986 alongside Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, James Brown, and many other notables in his industry. He also received many other honors including the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1993.

5: Lights, Camera, Action. Little Richard has also appeared in a string of popular television shows and movies that date back many, many years. Some of his memorable guest starring roles include Baywatch, The Drew Carey Show and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures.

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Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson looks stunning as she shares busty selfie after split with Chris Hughes – The Sun

JESY Nelson looks isolation-perfection as she pouts for yet another stunning selfie while in lockdown at home.

The newly single star wowed fans by striking a sultry pose showing off her flawless skin and glossy brunette hair.

The 28-year-old looked tanned and relaxed in a tiny crop top, as she pouted for the camera, wearing little make-up to show off her natural beauty and highlight her full lips and bright eyes.

Captioning the photo, Jesy revealed she'll be taking to Instagram Live tonight at 6pm to talk about the girl group's new album.

The Little Mix star’s photo was flooded with compliments from her fans.

One wrote: “your unreal”

A second added: “Beautiful 😘”

And another declared: “OMG Jesy u look amazing I love u !”

Jesy has been switching up her look for her Instagram content, as yesterday she rocked a sleek blonde wig and sports bra for a wholly different look.

It's the latest in a string of sexy snaps following her shock split from Chris Hughes.

Last week, The Sun Online exclusively revealed the Little Mix singer had split from Chris, 27, after 16 months together.

Over the weekend she cuddled her duvet while showing off the red halterneck straps of her bikini.


Pouting for the camera, Jesy captioned the shot: "Afternoon you beauties."

Jesy had previously shared a full length snap of her red bikini as she soaked up the Easter sunshine in her garden.

The Sun Online revealed how Jesy and Chris called it quits while isolating in separate homes during the coronavirus lockdown.

A source said: "Jesy and Chris split up a couple of weeks ago. It was all very amicable and they're still really good friends.

"Jesy rang Chris and led the conversation about their relationship and both agreed that it felt like it had run its course – they're both absolutely fine."

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Little Women’s Christy McGinity forced to postpone newborn daughter’s funeral due to coronavirus pandemic  – The Sun

LITTLE Women: LA star Christy McGinity and her boyfriend, Gonzo Carazo, are postponing their newborn daughter’s funeral due to the coronavirus pandemic, the reality star exclusively revealed to The Sun.

Christy, 42, and Gonzo’s two-week-old daughter, Violet Eva, passed away on March 20 after she was born seven weeks early.

The couple has chosen to have a memorial for Violet in New York, where Gonzo and his family reside.

Christy told The Sun: “We are going to have a memorial of some type and spread her ashes. I was hoping the ocean. I’m going to bring Violet’s ashes to New York as soon as it’s safe for me to fly.”

Christy, who suffers from asthma, said she is “really at risk” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gonzo, however, flew back to New York to return to his job as a clinical analyst for a hospital in the Bronx after a seven-week leave.

He told The Sun: “Leaving Christy was hard, but I could not afford losing my job as I work in the healthcare industry and hospitals never close.”

Christy added: “It sucks that he had to go back to NY, but he has his job out there. It’s so scary right now with this pandemic.

“We have been grieving, and for him to have to get on an airplane to go right into the fire is insane.”

She continued: “I’m proud of him. I’m sure he’s scared. I sure am. He’s my hero, my rock, and my love.”

Gonzo is hoping Christy will move to New York to live with him soon.

She said regarding a potential move: "There are things I need to close up in California before I make the move. I’m really ready for a big change. I just have things to work on out here before I do.”

The couple announced the passing of Violet last week.

They said in a statement: “It is with our deepest sorrow that we send our baby girl Violet Eva Carazo to play with the angels.

“We were able to spend two weeks with our sweet baby girl and for that we are forever thankful.”

Christy, who has two children from a previous relationship, told The Sun she is “still in flight or fight mode.”

Her close friend Plastic Martyr previously told The Sun: "I know she's devastated. No parent should ever have to bury their child.

"She was so happy to be a mom again and sent tons of photos to me.”

A source told The Sun her Little Women: LA costars “reached out to her privately to share their condolences.”

Co-star and enemy Terra Jole, who welcomed her third child, daughter Magnolia, on March 11 with husband Joe Gnoffo, asked fans to pray for her and Gonzo.

She began: “There is no easy way to say this. Right when you think the only thing you have to worry about is COVID-19, you get a call and that call is from someone that has lost their child.”

She added that losing a child is something she would “not wish on anyone.”

Terra continued: “Life is very precious. So as my viewers, I ask you all say a prayer for Christy and Gonzo.

“If you are following them please send them nice messages. It’s at a time like this we all need to stick together. It’s at a time like this we need to support one another.”

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Little Women’s Christy McGinity ‘devastated’ by baby’s death- as friend says ‘no mom should have to bury her child’ – The Sun

Little Women: LA star Christy McGinity is inconsolable after the tragic loss of her newborn daughter.

Her close friend Plastic Martyr exclusively told The Sun: "I know she's devastated."

"No parent should ever have to bury their child.
"She was so happy to be a mom again and sent tons of photos to me."

Plastic was there for her reality TV pal: "After I heard the news, I let her know I love her and care about her so she knows she has a support system."

A source close to Christy also told The Sun exclusively she and partner Gonzalo Carazo "aren't doing well" in the tragedy's aftermath.

"It's all so heartbreaking," the source added.

In a statement, Christy announced the tragic death of her 2-week-old baby, Violet, on Tuesday evening.

Violet was Christy's first child with Gonzalo.

She weighed only 3 lbs, 15 oz when she arrived seven weeks early.
Her delivery date was initially set for late April 2020.

The source told The Sun exclusively the actress' Little Women: LA costars were a there for the reality star despite past drama.

Said the informant: "Cast members reached out to her privately to share their condolences."

The cast currently includes Terra Jole, Tonya Banks, Jasmine Sorge and Elena Gant.

Christy and Gonzalo revealed the tragic news in a statement: "It is with our deepest sorrow that we send our baby girl Violet Eva Carazo to play with the angels.

"We were able to spend two weeks with our sweet baby girl and for that we are forever thankful.

"Please respect our privacy during this difficult time. Your thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated."

Violet would have been child number three for Christy.

She already has two children, daughter Autumn and son Trenton, from her first marriage to Daniel Artran.

Last month Christy told her fans she'd had a "rough few weeks."

She wrote on Instagram: "She is not ready. Please pray that contractions stop."

Gonzalo was excited to become a first time dad.

He wrote on Instagram: "Experiencing this entire journey has taught me a lot about life and has opened up my eyes on how magical this journey of becoming a first time parent really is.

"I can’t wait to meet our baby girl!"

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If You Love ‘Big Little Lies’ You Should Stream ‘Little Fires Everywhere’ This Week

It is inevitable that Hulu’s Little Fires Everywhere will be compared to Big Little Lies. Both projects star Reese Witherspoon, are based on books, and deal with similar themes. The comparisons are fair and good news for fans of Big Little Lies, because they’ll likely love Little Fires Everywhere too.

Little Fires Everywhere takes place in Shaker Heights, Ohio and the town is just as much of a character in the story as Monterey, California was in Big Little Lies. The people who live in this version of Shaker Heights are deeply privileged, often unable to see that, and take pride in meaningless things lawn height. Witherspoon’s character Elena is just an even more intense version of Madeline from Big Little Lies. As Witherspoon described Elena to Vanity Fair:

Just like in Big Little Lies, Little Fires is overrun with secrets and mysteries. Hulu’s show opens with Elena’s house burning to the ground and the realization that it was intentional. Viewers are left to wonder who set the house ablaze and why. Kerry Washington’s character Mia is also hiding secrets of her own — even from her daughter — about her past and why they’re always moving from town to town. The first three episodes that dropped on March 18 dangle loose ends and questions over fans’ heads about the fire, Mia’s nightmares, and more.

However, Little Fires stands apart from Big Little Lies in some major ways. It’s a period piece that’s set in the late ’90s, for one, and it also gives equal attention to both the mothers and the children in the series — whereas Big Little Lies prioritized the adult stories. Showrunner Liz Tigelaar told The New York Post, "The adult and teenaged stories are of equal importance … We loved the rootedness of this town and that the kids were repeating the lives of their parents."

Little Fires is also equipped to better comment on the racial divide in Shaker Heights, something that Big Little Lies struggled to do with its own privileged town. Washington’s character Mia was white in the novel but is black in the show, allowing for dialogue about race to come from both sides of the equation. Elena’s character is constantly making remarks that she doesn’t see as an issue, but when juxtaposed with Mia’s reactions, the audience comes away understanding the deep white privilege issues within Elena’s family and the town at large.

Unlike Big Little Lies, which expanded from a limited series to two seasons, the Little Fires showrunner isn’t going to go beyond this season. "I see it as one and done," Tigelaar told the Post. "I do feel like things are burnt to the ground." So Big Little Lies fans will want to check out Little Fires Everywhere and enjoy every moments of its nuanced, but familiar storytelling before it’s over for good.

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Life's little luxuries: FEMAIL picks out a selection of snack bowls

Life’s little luxuries: FEMAIL picks out a selection of stylish snack bowls

  • Femail picked out a selection of the most stylish snack bowls this season
  • The selection includes luxury and High Street items to suit all budgets
  • Top picks include John Lewis, Waitrose, Denby Pottery and Amazon

FEMAIL reveals a selection of stylish snack bowls…

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