A ‘Friends’ Cast Reunion Special Is Officially Coming To HBO Max

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of a million Friends fans screaming "Oh. My. God," in unison, because a Friends cast reunion special is officially in the works at HBO Max. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the six main stars, as well as the show’s creators, are on board. Could I be any more pumped?

This news has been a long time coming. Fans have been desperate for new Friends content basically since the series aired its finale way back in 2004. For years, the show’s creators, Marta Kauffman and David Crane, have been adamant they wouldn’t revive the beloved show in any way, but now it appears they’ve changed their mind at least a little.

According to Variety, stars Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer will all come together to the original Friends soundstage on the Warner Bros. Studio lot for an *unscripted* special in honor of their hit show; Crane and Kauffman will be there too. The reunion will reportedly serve as a kickoff for the new HBO Max streaming service, which will host not only the special but also all 10 seasons of the hit show, which left Netflix at the start of 2020.

All six main cast members took to Instagram to announce the news — though in true Joey fashion, LeBlanc’s IG features a photo of the cast of the oldie show M*A*S*H, rather than the same Friends cast pic his former co-stars shared. All their captions, though, are the same: "It’s happening…"

There have been a lot of signs indicating this reunion would happen, not least of which being everyone from the Friends cast finally getting on Instagram, which led to a ton of top-notch throwback pics (and Aniston’s casual breakage of the internet for a hot sec). Then, of course, there was the big one in November, when reports that a reunion special was in works really got fans fired up.

There’s not much information about what, exactly, the reunion will entail, but since it’s unscripted, it’s possible it will focus on the cast and creators reminiscing on their time on the show (and hopefully revealing some juicy set secrets). As for how long fans will be holding their breath for the special to actually happen, Deadline reports the special — as well as all 236 episodes of Friends — will be available when HBO Max launches in May.

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Hannah Brown Got Rejected By Raya, So At Least You Aren’t The Only One

If you’ve been rejected by the most exclusive dating app on the planet, don’t worry because so has the former Bachelorette. Yep, even Hannah Brown got rejected by Raya. (Elite Daily reached out to reps for Raya for comment on Brown’s claims that she hasn’t been allowed on the app but did not hear back in time for publication).

Brown took to Instagram alongside her friend Elyse Murphy to air her grievances about being rejected from the exclusive A-List dating app. "I don’t know if you know this but I was The Bachelorette," Brown jokingly began in a video posted on her Instagram Story before adding, "and I can’t get on Raya."

Oh, and Brown’s rejection from Raya isn’t for a lack of effort on her part. "I’ve been on the waiting list for months now," she explained. At this point, she started involving her friend Murphy int he conversation. "She’s a pasture, she got on Raya," Brown shared before Murphy clarified, "Technically I’m off it now, just so you know."

Murphy even went so far as to offer Brown her spot on the exclusive app but Brown is totally over it. "Nope. Nope. Nope," she said. "I’m done."

She even joked that she would take a different route and maybe try Christian Mingle. "Christian Mingle here I come," she joked. "I might not be allowed on Christian Mingle a this point but… Jesus still loves me."

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Raya, it’s the super A-List dating app that people apparently frequented by users like Channing Tatum when he was reportedly single. The app, which doesn’t limit potential mates by distance and also allows you to pick a Myspace-style song for your profile, is notorious for being difficult to get onto.

"We have a multi-faceted application process to join, ensuring that every new member makes our community more diverse and dynamic," their site explains. "Members agree to a code of conduct, so conversations and interactions are respectful. Anything short of that results in removal. We empower our members to share a far more expressive version of themselves than anywhere else online."

Here’s to hoping they eventually let Brown join. But hey! There’s always Christian Mingle.

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This ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ Refresher Will Have You Ready For Season 7

After stints on Cartoon Network and Netflix, Star Wars: The Clone Wars is now on Disney+, with a final season on the way. The Clone Wars Season 7 arrives on the heels of The Mandalorian‘s wild success, and the last episodes promise to reveal some of Mandalore’s history during the Republic. For those just getting into the show, this Star Wars: The Clone Wars refresher will help explain what’s going on.

The Clone Wars is the second show of this name. The first, just called Clone Wars, was a "micro-series" (most are 10-minute episodes) that aired on Cartoon Network between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, filling in plot points between the two films. Its popularity helped convince creator George Lucas a full-length series would be a hit, and in 2008 a feature film was released to kick it off. But unlike the micro-series, The Clone Wars introduced brand new characters to the Star Wars universe not related to the live-action films.

  • Captain Rex, designation CT-7567, is a clone commander working closely with Obi-Wan and Anakin. Like all clone soldiers, he is based on a genetic template of bounty hunter Jango Fett. (Boba Fett is also a clone of Jango.) Rex commands the 501st Legion in the Grand Army of the Republic and is one of the Clone Wars’ most legendary leaders.

Also, Anakin was promoted to full Jedi and given a student of his own to teach.

  • Ahsoka Tano is the first lead female Jedi protagonist in Star Wars history in any medium. A Togruta from the planet Shili, her growth arc from student to Jedi master, has been the heart of The Clone Wars story.

The most important thing to know is The Clone Wars were not released in chronological order. Instead, adventures were grouped by theme. Season 1 focuses on battles where the Republic faces off against General Grievous and Count Dooku against a broader propaganda war. Season 2 is more concerned with taking out various Droid manufacturing plants as the Sith attempt to target their Jedi enemies via assassination. Seasons 3 and 4 focus on the diplomatic efforts, along with telling stories of ordinary citizens trying to live their lives during wartime.

Season 5 is only 20 episodes instead of 22. It’s when the story starts to get linear, as Ahsoka grows up and reaches the end of her time as a padawan. Season 6, a 13-episode season released on Netflix, is subtitled "The Lost Missions." They focus on "Order 66," given at the end of Revenge of the Sith to massacre the Jedi as enemies of the state.

Disney+ currently has the episodes listed in the order they originally aired. For those who want to watch the episodes in timeline order, the official Star Wars site has a detailed guide.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 begins its final run of 12 episodes starting Friday, Feb 21, 2020.

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Kate Middleton’s First Podcast Appearance Was All About Her Parenting Style

Even members of the Royal Family have parenting struggles, and Kate Middleton got super real about the highs and lows of parenting in a new interview. Kate Middleton’s first podcast appearance wasn’t about being in the limelight, but rather about motherhood and her parenting style, discussions which were way more down-to-Earth and relatable then her royal lifestyle. The Duchess of Cambridge is a mother of three, and she opened up about the struggles and joys of having kids in a rare interview.

Middleton appeared in a solo interview for a podcast called Happy Mum, Happy Baby, hosted by Giovanna Fletcher, which was released on Saturday, Feb. 15. The 34-minute episode discusses the "5 Big Questions," which is a UK Ipsos survey gathering information to make the next generation the "healthiest" and to give them the best start in their early developmental years. The Duchess of Cambridge has six-year-old Prince George, four-year-old Princess Charlotte, and one-year-old Prince Louis.

In the interview, Middleton admitted the impact of early childhood development is huge. Discussing her own childhood, she told Fletcher, "I had a very happy childhood." She continued, "It was great fun. I’m very lucky I come from a very strong family. My parents were hugely dedicated to us, my siblings. I really appreciate now, as a parent, how much they sacrificed for us."

The Duchess of Cambridge also revealed she experiences feelings of guilt like any other mother. "I think anyone who doesn’t… is actually lying." Continuing to say parental guilt begins "from the moment you have a baby."

Despite the hustle and bustle of her life, Middleton said it’s the little things that she finds enjoyment in. "Sometimes the simple things like watching a fire on a really rainy day provides such enjoyment," she said. "I remember that from my childhood — doing the simple things, going for walks together — and that’s really what I try to do with my children as well, because it totally strips away all the complications." Middleton said some of the best, happy moments are "[When] I’m with my family outside in the countryside and we’re all filthy, dirty!"

When Middleton had her first baby, Prince George, back in 2013, she said the support from the public was overwhelming. "This was something everyone was excited about and we were hugely grateful for the support that the public has shown us and actually for us to be able to share that joy and appreciation with the public," Middleton admitted.

She also discussed how difficult her pregnancies were on the podcast. "I got very bad morning sickness, so I’m not the happiest of pregnant people," she said. "It was definitely a challenge, not just for me but also for your loved ones around you… [it] impacts everybody in the family. William didn’t feel he could do much to help and it’s hard for everyone to see you suffering from that."

Middleton stans will definitely enjoy hearing the Duchess’ candid interview about parenting, and despite her body language being a little confusing and tense after the royal scandal, as well as rather detached at the BAFTAs, the interview was relaxed and real. You can check out the full podcast episode on iTunes.

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Penn Badgley & Domino Kirke’s Relationship Timeline Will Make ‘You’ Weep

There’s only one "you" in Penn Badgley’s life at the moment, and that’s his wife of three years, Domino Kirke. The Gossip Girl alum may shy away from the limelight, but his love story with Kirke is too beautiful not to share. Though it’s unclear when Kirke — who’s a musician, a doula, and the sister of actor Jemima Kirke — first met Badgley, it’s definitely clear that these boho Brooklynites are meant to be. Penn Badgley and Domino Kirke’s relationship timeline is seriously swoon-worthy, and luckily, it’s a very different love story than the one shared by Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn in season two of You.

He may be best known as "Lonely Boy" Dan Humphrey and the twisted Joe Goldberg, but Badgley is actually a musician himself, serving as the frontman of Brooklyn-based indie band MOTHXR. As Brooklyn dwellers and music lovers, Kirke and Badgley certainly share a lot in common, and they’re about to share a whole lot more. On Feb. 10, Kirke announced that she and Badgley are expecting their first child together, making Cassius (Kirke’s 10-year-old son from a previous relationship) a big brother. Here is the timeline of Badgley and Kirke’s relationship, from the beginning up until their exciting announcement.

They Were First Spotted Together In July 2014

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A post shared by Domino Kirke-Badgley (@domino_kirke) on

Us Weekly sent out a new couple alert in the summer of 2014 when Badgley and Kirke were spotted looking cozy while out-and-about in New York City. According to a source, the duo was no longer a new item at that point, but it’s not clear how and when they first met. "They’ve been dating for awhile," the source said. "They have a number of mutual friends. It is a very mature and free relationship. Domino is a great girl for him, being a musician. Their interests align."

Kirke has admitted that she didn’t initially think the relationship would be too serious. "I was sort of getting used to being a single mom, maybe a little too used to it," she told Hey Mama soon after marrying Badgley. "I had a really good thing with my kid and we were like this little team. Penn and I were dating, but it wasn’t nearly as serious as it is now, of course. I didn’t think marriage was in the cards for us."

Badgley Made His Debut On Kirke’s Instagram In Sept. 2014

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A giant goddess and this guy ❤️ #mothxr

A post shared by Domino Kirke-Badgley (@domino_kirke) on

A few months after Us Weekly broke the news about their relationship, Kirke attended a MOTHXR show and shared a pic of Badgley performing on Instagram. She captioned the photo, "A giant goddess and this guy ❤️ #mothxr."

They Had A Courthouse Wedding In Feb. 2017

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After a very quiet courtship — during which Kirke occasionally shared some photos of Badgley on her Insta, like when he visited her doula practice or when they attended the Women’s March in NYC together — they made things official. According to E! News, the two hit up a courthouse in Brooklyn on Feb. 27, 2017 to say "I do" in a small civil ceremony. Afterwards, the couple and their wedding party headed over to Brooklyn’s Maison May Dekalb restaurant to celebrate.

They Attended A Movie Screening In April 2017

The newlyweds stepped out for a New York City screening of 3 Generations in April 2017. They even snapped a photo with the film’s director, Gaby Dellal, who also happens to be Kirke’s aunt.

They Had A Formal Wedding Ceremony In June 2017

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Send it on … ❣️

A post shared by Domino Kirke-Badgley (@domino_kirke) on

Just about three years after their first public outing, Badgley and Kirke followed up their civil ceremony with a second, more elaborate ceremony on June 24, 2017. The outdoor wedding took place in upstate New York under a tent on Kirke’s mother’s property in Lake Waccabuc.

When Hey Mama asked about her decision to have a second wedding, Kirke explained, "My first wedding was more of a civil ceremony with about 40 people that [were] able to join us in a pinch. The second one was more planned. Two hundred people came from all over the world. It just felt necessary to have both." Some of those 200 guests included A-listers like Zac Posen, Debra Messing, and Heidi Klum (but sadly, no Gossip Girl alums).

Kirke Made Her Debut On Badgley’s Instagram In Sept. 2017

Though Badgley rarely opens up about his relationship on social media, he did share a pic of Kirke’s forthcoming album, Beyond Waters, soon after their second wedding. "@dominokirke has released an album of gorgeous music that will stand the test of time," he captioned the photo. The supportive partner previously tweeted about Kirke’s music in 2015 after she released a new single, "Ordinary World."

They Attended the U.S. Open In Sept. 2019

The couple made a rare public appearance at the 2019 U.S. Open Tennis Championships in Sept. 2019, which they attended with Kirke’s son, Cassius. Just a few weeks later, People published an interview with Badgley, where he (very uncharacteristically) opened up about his romance with Kirk and how his Bahá’í faith influenced his relationship.

"I don’t think I could truly value human love until I developed divine love," Badgley explained to People. "[Domino and I] very much had a romantic beginning, and I think that you discover in marriage that what sustains a marriage for decades — there are less and less people who can tell us this — but I think it has something to do with [divine] love."

A month later, Kirke noted how naturally Badgley took to the role of stepdad. "He doesn’t have to be ‘dad’ so he can have more fun with [Cassius]," she told Us Weekly in Oct. 2019. "It’s really nice. The stepparent thing is definitely unchartered territory for me ’cause I didn’t grow up with one, but… he takes care of him really well."

Badgley Shared An Instagram For Kirke’s Birthday In Dec. 2019

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Happy birthday, Dom. A super-brief review of your invisible qualities: A truly radiant soul, you seem to spark alight almost everyone you meet, like a 99% success rate. It’s really impressive, and quite mysterious. You encourage others to be honest, and brave, and gentle, and expansive. Your great capacity for empathy is obvious, something anyone can get warm by like a glowing stove. Your desire to be of service to others is miraculous. It is in your DNA. In pictures as a very young child, you exude it—a great care and sweetness; an invitation. You make others happy by you. For me, it is a joy to witness you when you are happy. For you, I always hope to be a source of joy. I’m really glad we’re married.

A post shared by Penn Badgley (@pennbadgley) on

Badgley got mushy once again for Kirke’s 36th birthday towards the end of 2019. He posted a cute video of Kirke in the snow on Instagram along with a super-sweet birthday message.

"Happy birthday, Dom," he wrote. "A super-brief review of your invisible qualities: A truly radiant soul, you seem to spark alight almost everyone you meet, like a 99% success rate. It’s really impressive, and quite mysterious. You encourage others to be honest, and brave, and gentle, and expansive. Your great capacity for empathy is obvious, something anyone can get warm by like a glowing stove. Your desire to be of service to others is miraculous. It is in your DNA. In pictures as a very young child, you exude it — a great care and sweetness; an invitation. You make others happy by you. For me, it is a joy to witness you when you are happy. For you, I always hope to be a source of joy. I’m really glad we’re married." My heart!

Kirke Announced Her Pregnancy In Feb. 2020

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On the road again… pregnancy after loss is a whole other thing. After two miscarriages in a row we were ready to call it. I stopped trusting my body and started to accept the fact that I was done. As a birth attendant, I’ve seen and heard it all. It takes everything I’ve got to detach lovingly from the losses I’ve been present for and be in my own experience. When I was pregnant at 25, I knew nothing. I had no community. I dove in blissfully unaware about birth and its mysteries. Now, with 10 years worth of experience to pull from, I treasure my birth community and the knowledge I have. You’re already teaching us how to stay in the day in a way we’ve never had to, little one. Thank you.

A post shared by Domino Kirke-Badgley (@domino_kirke) on

In an emotional Instagram post, Kirke shared that — after two miscarriages — she and Badgley were finally expecting their first child together. "When I was pregnant at 25, I knew nothing," Kirke confessed in the lengthy caption. "I had no community. I dove in blissfully unaware about birth and its mysteries. Now, with 10 years worth of experience to pull from, I treasure my birth community and the knowledge I have."

Congratulations to the expectant parents, and I hope their soon-to-be family of four experiences many more years of divine love together.

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Mercury Retrograde Winter 2020 Will Be The Best For These Zodiac Signs

If you’re a believer in astrology, then you’ve probably asked the question, "Is Mercury in retrograde?" at some point in your life. It all starts with something super awkward or inconvenient, like your car breaking down on the way to an important meeting or accidentally emailing your boss tickets to a music festival right after you called in sick. You either laugh at the sheer tragedy of it all or cry out in frustration, wondering if astrology had something to do with your bad luck. Well, Mercury retrograde is never good news — but, this winter’s Mercury retrograde will be the best for these zodiac signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. If you made the cut, this transit will most certainly have a bright side.

From Feb. 16 to Mar. 9, Mercury — planet of communication and cognitive function — will retrograde in dreamy, spiritual, and emotional Pisces. Before you automatically assume Mercury retrograde is nothing but a nuisance, try seeing things from a different perspective. Believe it or not, there’s actually so much to be gained from this pesky transit. Mercury retrograde can open your mind, reveal the truth, and take you off the beaten path. Even though Mercury retrograde can complicate your usual routine and cause a few slip-ups, this is your opportunity to learn something new and harness unexpected developments.

This upcoming Mercury retrograde will show you how the world is most certainly not laid out in black or white; it’s full of gray areas. If you rely too much on logic or evidence, and not enough on intuition or emotion, you might struggle through this transit. Embrace the idea that sometimes, the only proof you need is your wholehearted belief in something. Luckily, if you were born under the influence of Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, you probably won’t have as much of an issue embracing it.

Cancer: You’re Having An Epiphany About How To Live Your Life

Have you been wasting time on things that really don’t matter? Has your bad attitude been getting in the way of your own happiness? Do you tend to play it safe instead of take a risk? It’s time to confront all the ways in which you’re not living your life to the fullest, Cancer. It may be time to start believing in what life has to offer. You are surrounded by opportunities and there’s always an adventure to be discovered. There are a million lives you have yet to live. Why waste any time?

Scorpio: You’re Being Inspired By Something Unexpected

It’s time to get that creative spark back, Scorpio. If you’ve been feeling uninspired or bored with what you’re doing, it’s time to liven things up by getting back in touch with your romantic side. What truly makes your heart sing? What did you enjoy doing when you were a little kid? What never fails to make you fall in love? Remember all of it. You might find yourself becoming interested in an artistic endeavor you abandoned in the past. You may even run into a former flame. All of it is meant to remind you of who you are.

Pisces: You’re Getting To Know Yourself All Over Again

Because Mercury retrograde takes place in your zodiac sign, you’re bound to be impacted by its effects big time. However, let’s not forget that Mercury is still in your first house of the self, helping you get to know who you are once again. This retrograde is a beautiful time to get back in touch with your confidence. The best way to hone in on your strength is to acknowledge everything about you that makes you so unique. No one else has what you have, Pisces. It’s time you start remembering that.

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This ‘Love Is Blind’ Sneak Peek Will Get You Pumped For Netflix’s New Show

First dates can be pretty awkward, but Netflix’s newest reality series puts a twist on meeting potential matches that totally changes the whole game. Love Is Blind feels like some sort of hybrid between the traditional dating show format of The Bachelor and the new wave of social media-influenced reality TV exemplified by The Circle, as contestants go on dates without ever seeing the person they are dating. Confused? Well, this Love Is Blind sneak peek will give you a first look at what the blind dates on the new show are really like.

Arriving just in time for Valentine’s Day, Love Is Blind introduces 30 contestants who go on blind dates in isolated "pods" for several days. While in their pods, the daters cannot see who they are talking to on the other side of the wall, so a physical connection is totally out of the picture when it comes to determining attraction. After getting to know everyone through conversation only, the singles can either decide to leave without a match or to propose to someone they’ve felt a strong connection with. Only after proposing will the newly engaged couple actually get to see one another for the first time.

To get you even more excited for the dating experiment, this first-look clip shows a bit of what dating in the Love Is Blind pods looks like. Check out Barnett and Amber’s first blind date, which seems to go very well as Barnett shows off his dry sense of humor and Amber proves she can crack jokes right back at him:

Could Barnett and Amber be one of the show’s love stories, or will they hit it off with other contestants over the course of the blind dating process? And most importantly, who will freak out when they propose to someone and find out their new fiancé is not who they expected at all? It all sounds like such a strange, chaotic, and totally absorbing watch — and one that’ll leave you wanting more: The first five episodes of Love Is Blind will be available on Netflix on Thursday, Feb. 13, followed by four new episodes on Feb. 20, and then the two-hour finale on Feb. 27.

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Here’s How To Get ‘The Good Place’ Instagram Story Filter To Find Your Character

You’ve probably seen plenty of exciting filters popping up on your Instagram Stories lately. If you’re a fan of The Good Place, you’ll want to check out the new themed effect that’ll unveil which character you are from the show. If you don’t already have it, here’s how to get The Good Place Instagram Story filter.

The trending filter was created by the official The Good Place Instagram account: @nbcthegoodplace. It’s super simple to use once you’ve got the filter. Once you’ve chosen The Good Place filter in your Instagram camera, you’ll tap on the selfie mode to take a video. As soon as you start recording, the spinner above your head, which reads "Which The Good Place character are you?" will activate. It quickly scrolls through different characters above your head before landing on a randomly chosen character. There are so many characters you could get, including Janet, Michael, Cindy, or Eleanor. If you’re not happy with the character you end up with, don’t worry. You can keep activating the spinner as many times as you a the character that makes you say, "Holy forking shirtballs!"

Once you’re happy with the result, you can stop recording and save the video before sharing it to your Story or to your friends via DM. Before you get started, of course, you’ll need to know how find the filter.

Find it from the creator.

Have a friend send it to you.

If you’ve spotted the cool effect on your friends’ Story lately, you can ask your pal to send it to you. All they’ll need to do is select the "Good Place Character" filter in their Instagram camera, tap "Send To…" and then select your account.

Get it through your friends’ Stories.

You can also easily get the filter directly from your friends’ Stories once you’ve spotted it being used.

You might already be missing The Good Place since it ended its four-year run on Jan. 31, but you can keep having fun with your fave characters, thanks to this IG filter.

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Does North West Have A TikTok? Kim Kardashian Dished On Her Secret Account

North West is trying her hand at TikTok — but don’t count on keeping up with her on the social media platform. Just like millions of others, North is moving and grooving on TikTok, but Kim Kardashian has strict rules for her daughter on the app. North West’s secret TikTok account is a thing, and Kim Kardashian’s feelings on it are like any other protective mother.

Big cousin Mason Disick made his TikTok debut with Kourtney Kardashian in January 2020, and while he’s already racked up thousands of followers, North apparently won’t be going public any time soon. It’s no surprise that North would be into TikTok, as she’s often front and center singing and dancing in videos posted to Kim’s Instagram.

"North has a private TikTok account, so we do lots of TikToks together, and she puts them in drafts," Kim told Entertainment Tonight on Sunday, Feb. 9.

While Kim is fine posting photos and videos of her kids on social media, she knows her 6-year-old isn’t quite ready to have the responsibility of her own page. "She’s not allowed to post them, but we have a lot of TikToks," Kim added.

Even though North doesn’t have her mom’s permission to post their likely adorable and entertaining TikToks, Kim teased, "I might post one soon."

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A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Kim’s been open about her journey to find balance when it comes to sharing vs. oversharing on social media. During a keynote speech at the 23rd World Congress on Information Technology convention on Oct. 8, 2019, she explained:

Fans would love to get a glimpse of Kim and North’s TikTok adventures, but also fully support her decision to keep North protected from the world of social media.

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Prince William’s Reported Quote About Tennis With Kate Middleton Is So Great

When you imagine marrying a prince, what does that fantasy look like? Mine involves lots of thrones, bite-sized cucumber sandwiches, and fabulous outfits. While all of those things very well may be a part of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s lives, tennis is reportedly another large component. And Prince William’s reported quote about tennis with Kate Middleton makes it clear they are absolutely not messing around when it comes to the sport.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, former Australian tennis star Rod Laver opened up about a conversation he reportedly had with William regarding Kate’s tennis skills. “I’d met William and Kate a few times, and in the Royal Box you get a chance to chat with them a little bit,” he told the Daily Mail. “They play tennis against each other. William told me he couldn’t beat her.”

So these two are reportedly not just engaging in a totally chill, leisurely game of tennis. They’re legit competing against each other — I’m envisioning lots of grunting and lots of sweat — and Kate is reportedly mopping the floor with William. This is the kind of gossip I never knew I needed.

While the visual of them running around a tennis court drenched in sweat trying to do anything in their power to beat each other totally contradicts my own personal fantasy of how leisurely every second of royal life would be, it shouldn’t really come as a huge shock to any diehard fans of the couple.

First of all, Middleton has made no effort to keep her love of tennis a secret. In addition to being a regular at Wimbledon (remember those iconic pictures of her and Meghan there together in 2019?), People reports Middleton also donates to the All England Lawn Tennis Club and even reportedly has her own tennis court at the gorgeous country home she shares with William and their three children.

In addition to Kate’s passion for tennis, there’s also the fact that she’s been open about having a little competitive streak when it comes to her husband. “No pressure, but I do want to beat my husband,” Middleton reportedly told her crew during a boat race in 2017, according to People.

Unfortunately, William wound up beating her during that boat race. But thankfully it sounds like she reportedly has him beat when it comes to tennis.

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