Gunna Drips By With a Little Help From His Friends on 'Wunna'

Is Gunna a rapper or an Avenger? On Spotify’s amazing poster promoting his new album Wunna, a computerized Gunna stands in reverse-V formation with his musical godfather Young Thug and the album’s principal producers: Wheezy, Turbo, Taurus, and Aviator Keyz. They all wear matching iridescent black vinyl bodysuits. A burning meteor streaks through the background. WUNNA: THE AGE OF YSL, the poster declares. It’s a fitting visual metaphor for the album, which stands among Gunna’s best releases to date. On Wunna, the talent that resides in and orbits around YSL Records (Thug’s label imprint) brings out the best in Gunna.

 Wunna is an astrology-themed album about the life and times of Gunna’s half-assed alter ego, Wunna. Gunna is Wunna; Wunna is Gunna. As the delightful backronym “Wealthy Unapologetic Nigga Naturally Authentic” and the Wunnascope encouraging Geminis to “drip offensively” both suggest, Wunna doesn’t unveil a yet unknown side of Gunna, but rather the wealthy superstar he has become. Private jets to Maui, women lined up to take him to bed, $150 thousand per show, custom VLONE. Despite the fervor of Gunna’s flexing, there is peace in his warm, groggy, melodic murmur, which always makes it sound as though he’s just woken up from a refreshing afternoon nap. On both “Addys” and the title track, he retools OT Genasis’ “Cut It” flow to make it glide. While some of his writing is of the Fisher-Price variety—one verse in “Met Gala” employs a AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA rhyme scheme—and his lyrics aren’t always well thought out (“Say the wrong word, and I’mma shoot him in his shit”), Wunna remains a transportive listening experience, due in large part to its production, which exists in almost perfect harmony with Gunna’s soothing vocals.

The beats on Wunna underscore the envious extravagance and comfort of Gunna’s lifestyle. Many of these beats recall the restraint, buoyancy, and soft edges of Young Thug’s Barter 6. It is the production, rather than Gunna, that dictates the album’s mood swings, which appear almost as seasonal fluctuations. The weightless single “Skybox,” produced by Taurus, evokes springtime with synths that flit like hummingbirds. “I’m On Some,” produced by Wheezy and Turbo, is spare, cavernous, and unhurried in a way that evokes wintertime stillness. “Argentina” and “Met Gala,” both produced by Wheezy (who notched 10 production credits on Wunna), evoke a languid, endless summer.

Most of Gunna’s signature moments have been collaborations. “Sold Out Dates” and Drip Harder made him and Lil Baby into bigger stars, and Thug’s presence has yielded some of his finest moments and biggest hits (“3 Headed Snake,” “Surf,” “Hot”). Unsurprisingly, Thug’s two features on Wunna coincide with two of the album’s standouts, “Dollaz On My Head” and “Far.” On “Far,” the satisfying victory lap that closes out the album, Thug doubles Gunna on the chorus, and they wistfully sing together, remembering friends dead or in jail and appreciating how far they’ve come. Whether Gunna is probing these arrestingly weighty moments or singing about Eliantte diamonds and boat sex, Thug and the Wunna production braintrust never once let him down.

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Phillip Schofield rows with 'irresponsible' hairdresser for breaking lockdown

Phillip Schofield found himself in a row with a hairdresser who has flouted the lockdown rules for 15 of her clients.

Appearing on This Morning, the anonymous guest (who went by the name Jane) explained how she kept her business open during the pandemic after being left frightened over not receiving an income.

She told the host that she is already in debt and was afraid the bailiffs would come knocking.

‘I looked into the Universal Credit,’ she stated. ‘But it didn’t touch what I was earning and it wouldn’t cover half of my bills or credit cards payments.

‘As for a grant, I don’t want to take any more loans on or leave myself in more debt.’

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The hairdresser added: ‘I don’t want bailiffs at my door, I have been through that once, and I can’t put myself through that again.’

But Phil wasn’t impressed with her argument and shut down his guest, who appeared on the show with one of her clients, branding them both ‘irresponsible’.

‘There will be people up and down the country who will be saying, “I am lonely, my mental health has taken a big hit here, I have grey roots, my nails need doing, yet I am still abiding by the rules,”

‘What gives you the right?’

The presenter fumed: ‘I mean it’s a little bit like safe sex, you know, you have no idea, you are letting someone into your house and Jane you’re going into her house, you have 15 other clients, you have no idea what their families have been doing and how careful they have been.

‘There is every possibility that you could get [the virus] into your environment, with 15 other families, and you have a disabled child…’

‘I think both of you are being incredibly irresponsible,’ the 58-year-old sneered.

Defending herself once again, Jane hit back: ‘Well, as for myself I made sure the 15 clients I do have, none of them has a family at home, they are all people who live on their own they are not going out.’

‘I made a strict condition of my own,’ she affirmed.

However, This Morning host Holly Willoughby quickly chimed in: ‘You are going out?’

‘Yes, in the meantime even though I’m going into their property it’s the same as a doctor going into their property,’ Jane said.

‘All my equipment is sterile, I wear the gloves a mask and an apron. It’s no different than going into a doctors because everything has been sterilised.’

Hairdressers and salons are currently closed in the UK, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson hoping to reopen their doors on July 4 at the earliest.

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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Dad with terminal cancer dies two days after lockdown living room wedding

Dad Gavin Howarth, 30, was found to have multiple cancers in a shock diagnosis on Easter Sunday and given just two months to live.

Plans were quickly made for him and girlfriend Kirsty, 27, to marry, but when his health took a sudden turn for the worse, they ended up tying the knot in their living room that evening.

Tragically, Gavin died less than two days later.

The couple, from Rochdale, had two kids and discussed getting married before his diagnosis.

But they decided to wait as Gavin wanted to make sure they had enough money for him to give her everything she wanted.

He had shown symptoms of shortness of breath and severe back pain in the week before he finally visited a doctor for tests in March.

The family initially thought Gavin’s back pains were connected with his asthma or the lifting involved in his work as a carpet fitter.

But his pain was so severe that he left his job and went to work at a fish and chip shop in October last year.

Having suffered from TB as a child and losing a lung in the process, Gavin initially underwent tests to determine whether it had come back – but doctors eventually discovered a lymphoma, as well as tumours in his liver, kidneys and brain.

When the couple realised that time was running out, friends, neighbours and local businesses rallied round to donate supplies for them to hold a wedding and reception in the garden due to lockdown.

Kirsty said: ‘I’ve been finding it quite hard but my kids have got me
through. I have to keep going for them.

‘My eldest is up and down, sometimes he says he misses his daddy. The
youngest doesn’t know too much of what’s going on but he just knows
that daddy’s in heaven now.’

It was after a nursing visit on 30 April that Kirsty was advised to push the wedding forward as Gavin didn’t have long left.

Two registrars were able to come to the house that evening, and Kirsty and
Gavin were married at home with their two boys. Kirsty’s mum Sandra, Gavin’s mum Mandy were also in attendance.

Gavin’s brother Lee and sister Gina and Kirsty’s dad Karl watched the
ceremony from the garden.

The Rochdale community rallied together to help Kirsty and Gavin have their wedding, donating lights as well as setting up balloon arches, cleaning up the garden, and offering hair and makeup services for the bride.

Members of a local Facebook group donated equipment for the garden,
whilst other support came from One Shop Weddings, who donated £1000
worth of wedding supplies, and Morrisons, which provided party food
for the reception.

Preparations for the wedding continued as Kirsty became Gavin’s full
time carer.

Kirsty’s mum Sandra also helped her cope with the situation.

Gavin’s eyesight had deteriorated sharply following his diagnosis, so
friends of the couple clubbed together to buy them a bigger TV as well
as a PS4 – however, he was never able to use the latter before his

Kirsty’s mum Sandra also paid tribute to nurses from Rochdale’s Springhill
Hospice who made visits to the couple’s home to help Kirsty during
Gavin’s final weeks.

Gavin’s funeral took place at Rochdale Crematorium on 15 May with only a small number of close family members in attendance due to coronavirus restrictions.

His funeral cortege passed by the chip shop where he worked, as staff
stood outside to pay their respects.

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'How to Get Away with Murder': One of the Wildest Theories About the Show's Ending Came True

The series finale of How to Get Away with Murder aired Thursday on ABC and it was full of several twists and turns. One of the most outrageous theories suggested about the finale, involving the character of Wes Gibbins, came true. In a recent interview, series creator Pete Nowalk talked about how it all came together.

A major theory about the show’s conclusion was true

One major theory that people suspected is that Annalise’s funeral was an extreme flash-forward and not in the present day. However, in addition to this, some also expect that the person that many assumed was Wes that appears at the funeral was not Wes, but his son with Laurel Castillo, Christopher.

While it wasn’t a popular theory per se, many fans thought that the funeral was not a vision or a set-up but very real — just set far, far away from the present day.

Leading into the funeral, we learned that Annalise was able to live her life to the fullest as much as she could and spending time with the people that she cared about the most. It is insinuated that she had a relationship with Tegan Price before she passed. Another thing that is insinuated is that she remained in Laurel’s life and became a mentor to Christopher.

We aren’t sure of the extent of her relationship with Connor Walsh and Oliver Hampton, it seemed to be good enough where they would come to her funeral. But it is worth noting that Christopher did not recognize them, indicating that she, at least, hadn’t kept in contact with them like that. Michaela, who ended the present-day arc on bad terms with everyone for not wanting to do the right thing, does not attend the funeral, which is expected. She seems to be a successful judge but it is insinuated that she may be lonely and alone, aside from her daughters.

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The end is here. The #HTGAWMFinale is on NOW.

A post shared by How to Get Away with Murder (@howtogetawaywithmurder) on

Show creator Pete Nowalk explains how this all came about

In an interview with TVLine said that the idea for the finale, the mystery of who killed Annalise, had been put in his head by Davis. However, he didn’t want to kill the character. They came up with an idea to kill the character, but at the same time, give her a “triumphant” ending.

He explained, “It had been planted in my head — I think by Viola — that it would be a great mystery if Annalise was killed and we didn’t know who it was. And I agreed with her. I’d kind of always wondered, “Should Annalise’s murder be the final season?” But I also did not want to kill her. I felt like she was such a triumphant character who beat down her problems and fought and persevered. It was really important for me that she had a triumphant ending. So the vision that came to me was that Alfie could play Christopher, so I could have my cake and eat it, too.”

On having Enoch return as Christopher, Nowalk said that this part of the storyline wasn’t officially set until the actor agreed to return.

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“It wasn’t set in stone until [Enoch] said he would do it,” he said. “And luckily, he was thrilled to do it. But yes, that was my pitch. That was a way to kill Annalise and also stay in the style of the show, which is flashing forward. This is the ultimate flash-forward.”

The final season of How to Get Away with Murder can be streamed via ABC on-demand. The first five seasons can be streamed on Netflix.

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Tyra Banks Agreed With Fans That ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Could Be Insensitive

After facing online backlash over a resurfaced clip from 2006, Tyra Banks addressed "insensitivity" on America’s Next Top Model, in a Friday, May 8 tweet. "Been seeing the posts about the insensitivity of some past ANTM moments and I agree with you," wrote Banks, who created and executive produced the long-running reality series. "Looking back, those were some really off choices. Appreciate your honest feedback and am sending so much love and virtual hugs."

In the Season 6 ANTM clip that recently went viral on Twitter, Banks confronted contestant Dani Evans about the gap in her front teeth. "So, Danielle, you went to the dentist but you refused to have your gap closed," Banks said in the clip. "Do you really think you can have a CoverGirl contract with a gap in your mouth?"

After Evans replied. "Yes, why not?" the Emmy-winning TV host pointed to her own teeth, responding: "This is all people see. It’s easy, breezy, beautiful CoverGirl. It’s not marketable." Banks’ fellow coach, Miss J. Alexander nodded his head and scoffed, "Well, I guess she just left the gap wide open for another girl, baby."

Evans did partially close her gap before she was eventually crowned the season’s winner. Among other prizes, she scored a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl, which the cosmetics company renewed multiple times.

For her part, Evans responded to the controversy in a seven-minute video she posted to Instagram on May 6. The model explained that she auditioned for ANTM to get out of Arkansas and recalled she felt she was "basically set up" after "not being told Tyra wants me to get my gap closed" by a producer. "In that moment the 19-, 20-year-old Danielle stood there realizing that it was my one-way ticket out on this side or keeping my gap on this side and going back to Little Rock, Arkansas," she said. "What you think I’m gonna choose, fam?"

Even so, Evans said she has no regrets. "I was not going to allow something that was physical on my face to stop me from getting out to make a better life for myself," she added. "I had a laser focus goal. Nothing or no one was going to stand in my way. It wasn’t about copping out. It was about understanding what holds weight and value in my life and teeth was not one of them."

Evans concluded her response with a special message to "all the young queens" who might have been affected by seeing Banks’ past comments from ANTM: "I want to remind you of your worth. You are so loved, you are so adored, and you’re beautiful."

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‘Start with voluntary and see how we go’: Push for more Australians to use COVID-19 tracing app

Deputy Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly says the coronavirus tracing app being developed by the national cabinet will be key to containing the virus, as the federal government ramps up its campaign for Australians to agree to have their movements logged.

Strengthening the contact tracing system was one way authorities were aiming to get the coronavirus under sufficient control to begin relaxing harsh social distancing rules, he said, echoing Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s description of the app as an “industrial” tracing capability.

The government is ramping up its push for Australians to agree to download a tracing app on their phones.

"It's really a technological component of what is standard practice for public health practitioners," Professor Kelly told reporters in Canberra on Friday.

"I've talked here before about the disease detectives we have and we have trained many of them in Australia."

The app, which he said would be downloaded by Australians voluntarily, would enable the information about their movements to be "uploaded immediately to the public health unit", whereas the manual tracing process could take days.

The push came as the number of Australians to have contracted the coronavirus hit more than 6500 and the death toll to rose to 65.

Professor Kelly said Australia "continues to do well" when contrasted with the "mind-boggling" global tally of more than two million cases and 143,000 deaths, but that vigilance was needed – especially if citizens wanted to regain some aspects of their former lifestyles.

Mr Morrison said in a radio interview on Friday morning that for the tracing app to be effective, 40 per cent of Australians would need to download it – double the number who used a similar app in Singapore.

He would not rule out making it compulsory for all Australians to download the app – and carry the phone at all times – if sufficient voluntary take-up was not achieved.

"My preference is not to do that; my preference is to give Australians a go at getting it right," Mr Morrison said.

"That's my objective, that's my plan A, and I really want plan A to work."

He called on Australians to support the initiative "as a matter of national service" akin to buying war bonds, saying that while many would ordinarily never download such an app, "this is not an ordinary time".

"If you download this app, you will help save someone's life," Mr Morrison said.

He said the app would not be used to prosecute people who had breached isolation or quarantine requirements.

Professor Kelly said authorities would "start with voluntary and we'll see how we go."

"I've always been a believer in the Australian people making the right decision so I think the voluntary approach at first is the way to go," he said.

"We have work to do to make sure this is good and safe and cover off privacy concerns."

Asked about the controversy in Tasmania over a healthcare worker accused by Prime Minister Scott Morrison of lying to contact tracers investigating the outbreak in the state's north-west Tasmania – a claim that has been hosed down by state authorities – Professor Kelly said: "I will definitely at this point encourage people to be honest and help with contact tracing."

"It is a crucial way we can get to the bottom of what happens and to prevent others from developing illness and crucially, and this has happened as well again in north-west Tasmania, to make sure we are protecting the most vulnerable people in the community, including those in residential aged care," he said.

Professor Kelly said authorities would be carefully considering which sectors to lift restrictions in over the next month, after Prime Minister Scott Morrison's suggested the retail industry could be reopened for business.

"I think a gradual reintroduction of as much as we can get to normal life in Australia would be most welcome," he said.

"Of course the cafes and restaurants and so forth are an important part of our social fabric and we will be looking closely at that."

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Jack Whitehall works out with new model girlfriend Roxy Horner during coronavirus isolation together – The Sun

THINGS seem to be running smoothly as Jack Whitehall gets hot and sweaty with new girlfriend Roxy Horner.

On Wednesday The Sun exclusively revealed the comic had started dating the model after she’d previously been in a relationship with movie star, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Jack, 31, and Roxy, 28, have been in isolation during the coronavirus lockdown and were pictured taking their daily dose of exercise together.

A close source said: “Jack and Roxy are enjoying being in isolation together.

“It’s all very new but they’re in their own little bubble and things are perfect at the moment.

“Being on lockdown in a honeymoon period is certainly one way to get to know each other quickly."

But the more time they spend together the happier they seem.

As well as Leo, 45, she’s previously been in a relationship with singer Jake Bugg, 26, and Joey Essex, 29.

The playboy funnyman was in a relationship with actor Gemma Chan, 37, for six years and enjoyed a romance with Kate Beckinsale, 46.

Looks like Jack and Roxy have told them to jog on.

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Kevin Hart partners with Fabletics on men’s activewear collection

No funny business here.

Kevin Hart has partnered with Fabletics, the activewear brand co-founded by Kate Hudson in 2013, to launch Fabletics Men.

The collection, set to launch in late April, will consist of foundational layers, high-performance activewear tops and bottoms, pre- and post-workout pants, joggers, hoodies and crewneck sweatshirts, according to a press release.

“The activewear space wants to intimidate,” the 40-year-old comedian explained in the release. “To get you to spend way too much cash on complicated tech you don’t need. On overpriced labels. On streetwear that tries too hard to be cool. But at Fabletics Men? We’re going to give you exactly what you want at a price that won’t scare the hell out of you.”

Kevin Hart for Fabletics Men

Fabletics Men

Kevin Hart for Fabletics Men

Fabletics Men

Kevin Hart for Fabletics Men

Fabletics Men

Looks from the Fabletics Men collection

Fabletics Men

Looks from the Fabletics Men collection

Fabletics Men

Meghan Markle's wedding dress designer, Clare Waight Keller, exits Givenchy

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Hudson, 40, first announced Fabletics would be launching menswear in February.

Fabletics Men will be sold online and in the brand’s retail locations, with 20 percent of net proceeds through the end of May going to Heart to Heart International to support coronavirus relief efforts.

Those interested in shopping the launch can join the waitlist now.

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I’m having great sex with a colleague but she’s just revealed she’s in an open relationship – The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: I’M having great sex with a female colleague and enjoy spending time with her but she’s dropped the bombshell that she’s in an open, long-distance relationship with a guy in Singapore.

She is 29 and attractive and we have really good chemistry. I’m 31.

I was so happy with our relationship until she dropped this bombshell.

Her other man can’t visit her often – and not at all at the moment – but they FaceTime every day.

They have agreed on an open relationship where they can sleep with other people but he’s flying over to visit her as soon as it’s possible.

Do I continue to see her or break it off now to protect myself?

Get in touch with Deidre today

Got a problem?

My team and I are working safely from home but we are here to help you as always.

Send an email to

Every problem gets a personal reply, usually within 24 hours weekdays.

You can also send a private message on the DearDeidreOfficial Facebook page.

Follow me on Twitter @deardeidre.

DEIDRE SAYS: At the moment you should be social distancing at work and not going to her place to have sex, as you risk passing on or catching the virus.

If she says she wants a casual thing then she probably means it and you stand to get hurt if you are properly falling for her.

Tell her she has to make a choice and you won’t have sex with her at least until the lockdown is over.

If she says the other guy is still the man she considers her real partner, best to break with her altogether or you will find staying casual more and more painful.

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Joe Wicks plays with daughter Indie in adorable post work-out clip

Joe Wicks has given us a glimpse into what goes on after his PE lessons come to an end, and it’s beyond adorable.

The Body Coach star has been praised for putting on daily work-out sessions on his YouTube channel amid the coronavirus lockdown – helping us all get a little fitter.

And, taking to Instagram, the 33-year-old revealed he reunites with his family the second the cameras stop rolling.

In a video shared with fans, he can be seen kicking off his shoes at his Richmond home while wife Rosie Jones belted out Beyonce’s Love On Top.

Their daughter Indie got involved in the fun, and could be heard delightfully squealing as Joe threw her up in the air.

‘Post #PEwithJoe vibes this morning,’ he captioned the clip. ‘Rosie didn’t know I was filming us #TellHerLater.’

Are they not the coolest family ever?

Joe started his PE classes last week, and has since attracted viewers from all over the world who have been joining in.

The fitness expert boasted nearly 1million viewers during one session, with his YouTube subscriber numbers also soaring.

He previously announced he would be giving the advertising money raised directly to NHS workers and those on the frontline.

And, chatting to Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain, on Wednesday, he explained that he has already raised an incredible $100,000 (£80k) from the videos.

‘In the past week alone on the past seven videos, the AdSense is at $100,000,’ he told the hosts.

’Every penny from the workout that we do from this school stuff for now until forever… all of that money is going to the NHS. We are raising money through these workouts.

‘The more we do it the more we raise. It’s amazing, I’m so proud of that.’

All of this while sporting a fractured hand? We’re absolutely not worthy.

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